Kanji, 100%, No Level Up (23>24)

I don´t get a level up at the moment with 100% Kanji. So it is buggy atm or is there something i dont know?

Here is a screenshot, the lessons are only vocab lessons.

I assume you tried a hard refresh? Either way we might as well ping the devs. @viet, @oldbonsai, a follower of the Crabigator summons thee


Also logged in with my tablet, same problem and wkstats also says that i´m still lvl 23

edit: just saw this: wanikani2

maybe i have a level up in 7minutes °°

7minutes later and still no level up, the statistics now says 23:00

I’ve actually been curious about this possibility myself recently, though I haven’t encountered it. Is it possible to halt your progress by losing enough proficiency in a previous level? For example, you get enough Kanji wrong in level 12 that your proficiency there drops below 90%, but you’re currently 100% in level 13?

I checked this and i dont have more than 2 kanji which are apprentice and on same level, so this is not the problem

Interesting, just a thought I’d had after a particularly brutal review recently. I suppose your level up hasn’t happened still, which would nullify that countdown you found?

@Xanetia: You should be all set at level 24 — everything looked correct with the radicals can kanji, but the process that evaluates your progress and then levels you up (if you can) didn’t fire for some reason. Sorry for the error!


Yeah, im 24 now, thx. Time to do lessons now : )

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No, it is not.

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What about this crazy idea…

What if you were lower proficiency on a radical/kanji that they moved to a lower level???

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