Why didn't these kanji get unlocked?

Hello guys,

I just guru’d all the level 39 kanji, but I somehow didn’t unlock three kanji. Did I miss something? If not, where can I contact support?

I’m not too familiar with the new dashboard. Could it be that you just haven’t done the lessons?

Nope. I didn’t get them in my lessons and they don’t show up in the “unlocked items on the last 30 days” category as well. And I just noticed I’m level 38 on the forums, lol.

Forums take a while to sync, so that’s not really an issue. If you want to force it to update you can just relog. Could it be that you haven’t gurued a radical from a different level?

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I just had the same issue on Level 25. Guru’d all my radicals and two kanji didn’t unlock.


Sounds like a potential bug to me.

ETA: unless you have older radicals that are used that have fallen into apprentice? You might check the individual kanji pages to be sure.

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Once you go black guru you never go back. Once you’ve gurued an item it doesn’t matter whether it drops back down


Good to know. I probably knew that at once point or another, lol.

Yes, this would be worth emailing the wk team about.

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That does look odd! I just took a quick look at your level 39 kanji and those 3 don’t seem to have any SRS stages attached to them, but can you send us an email so we can properly debug this? Thanks!


The only thing I could think is you either have a radical from a previous level that never hit Guru or possibly that one of the radicals associated with that kanji was moved to a higher level, which is blocking anyone from unlocking it.

You might try using wkstats.com and checking to see if you have guru’d all the old radicals.

The other thing to try is logging out and logging back in again. That’s always a good first step to try for these types of things (and everything really).

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Nope, everything gurud. I guess I’ll contact the WK support. Thank you guys for your attention though :slight_smile: have a nice day everyone.

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In case you didn’t find it their email is hello@wanikani.com


I had the same problem yesterday. I thought I had missed something, but all my radicals were in guru. I refreshed the page and everything was fixed.

We looked into a bit more, and we might have found the issue. Maybe. We have been doing some work to speed up some processes on the back end, like unlocking new assignments after reviews, and we might have made it a bit too fast, triggering the “can I be unlocked” logic before the “I did a review” records had been all the way saved (so, a race condition).

We’ve got it in the right order, but let us know if things continue to not show up. (Though, do double check that all the things that would unlock it are guru’d. We can unlock the assignments for you, but not do the reviews. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Edit: Oh, and I ran a job that unlocks anything that gets missed, so everybody should have their lessons waiting for them.


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