Stuck on Level 3/WKStats doesn't work

Hi WK Community! I currently still have a free WK account—I intend to upgrade after I reach Level 4, but it seems like that day may never come? I got an email after I reached Level 3 saying that I would hear back once I reached Level 4, but that was nearly a month ago. I have since Guru’d 204 items, Mastered 148, but am still Apprentice in 1 kanji. Still, thought that I would have reached Level 4 by now, and been prompted to upgrade.

Similarly, when I go to WKStats I’m missing the most interesting information (to me), and the Level Up page never loads. I’ve refreshed, logged out, and generated a new token. No fixes. See below:

Are these issues because I’m still on a free account? Have I just not achieved Level 4 yet, or do you never get an email and you can just keep reviewing the same items forever?

Yes, you need to subscribe to continue your progress.

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Okay, thank you! I had expected to hit a wall and/or get an email, but I’m glad I asked! Subscribing I imagine will fix the WKStats issue too.

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yes i thought the same, then the moment i paid, I leveled up. Ended up spenind a month on level three when my average was 14 days. I guess the same happend to you as you’re L4 now but you posted 20 minutes ago

Haha yes! Same exact thing. If I were being nitpicky I’d encourage them to change the copy of their emails, but it’s all good! I’m so excited to finally be learning more again. :hugs:

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yeah their current communications aren’t great. I was asked to buy a subscription at level 3, I thought “well I like WK, but they’re not getting my money until I need to give it to them” and then they had to wait two weeks until I realised I wasn’t leveling up


I see your question has already been solved, but welcome to the Wanikani family!!! :crabigator: May kanji forever haunt your dreams


then get your subscription and join my thread :smiley:

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Thank you so much! I literally had a dream about leveling up last night, which inspired me to post today (and subscribe!). The community here is so amazing and I’m stoked to be a part of it now.

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