How do I get to Level 4?

Hi Guys just started using WK. I’m 66 so it’s slow going. I have done most of level three but don’t know what I have to get done before I can up to Level 4. Must everything be at Guru level. I have some Vocab and three kanji at apprentice level still.
Could somebody let me know if I’m still on the right track.


Level three is the last of the free levels - to advance further, you’ll need to subscribe.



Ah, yes I know that Level 4 is a paying level. I thought that WK would have said that I had finished level 3 and now need to subscribe.

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A percentage of all the kanji in the level must be at guru or above. If you have kanji at apprentice, I’d say you’re below the level up threshold. Once you guru those, you’ll likely hop up to level 4.

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Since you only have 3 kanji left in Apprentice, you have fulfilled the requirement for leveling up. Might it be that you clicked away a notification? Or are you using an app? If you visit the web browser version, there should be a button you can click. Or you can go to the subscription tab in your settings.

I’ll get those Kanji to Guru and see what happens. Then I’ll take out a subscription.


good luck!

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