No indication of ending Level 3 for Free user

Hello, I’m at level 3 for quite a while.
Theoretically, I had already passed it. But on the main page, I see the Level 3 Progress bar, and 28 of 28 kanjis are passed. When I open a help bulb, I see: that 28 of 31 kanji are passed. Bellow I see the list of Kanji, there are 31 items and all are open.

Most likely I am not switched to level 4 because I use the free account. But still, there should be some proper indication that level 3 is finished, and would be nice to buy a subscription ))

WKStats behavior seems strange, with no timings for passing a level… but still, it indicates that I’m theoretically at level 4.


the actual stats for finishing level 3 will show up as soon as you pay(in my experience, anyway), and you will be promoted immediately to level 4 in wanikani

not sure about wkstats, though.


I guess it’s probably due to them “technically” being level 4, but not getting access to that content until they switch to a paid account. Wkstats doesn’t see the difference between “Reached level 4 and can access” and “reached level 4 but still free” probably :person_shrugging:


You passed level three. You will not promote to level 4 or be able to enjoy level 4 content until you start a paid subscription. Hope this helps

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ahhh that makes sense.

then @cm0k, wkstats should update when you go through with purchasing a subscription

I think it does show level 4. I don’t remember if the lessons for 4 are available, but you still have the opportunity to finish your level 3 lessons/reviews. Most likely the person just needed to sign out and sign back in to see their updated level.

Update Looks like they are showing level 4 now, but haven’t upgraded plan yet.

Nope :slight_smile: But at least one place shows that I need to subscribe.
Screenshot from 2022-09-05 01-05-22

And still, I think this progress bar is buggy. Check two different numbers of Kanjis :slight_smile:

Hmm. Could have sworn there used to be a popup saying “Congratulations! You’ve finished the free levels! Time to subscribe!” or something.

The progress bar is telling you that you’ve completed 28 of the 28 kanji needed to level up, while the mouse-over text tells you that the 28 kanji needed to level up come from the 31 kanji available in level 3. The numbers refer to slightly different things.


Ahh I thought you were referring to the level badge on your avatar, which does show the current level (sometimes it requires you to log out and back in to update). I don’t remember what I saw when I completed level 3 as far as internal progress display.

To be fair, the forum should be Level 3, showing subscription/completion status or not?


What about the emails? I get one for each leveling up and I think I remember that at level 3 it was “by the way this is the last free level”

In addition to what Belthazar said on the ‘you need to pass 28/31 kanji and that’s what shown here’. You will always level up once you guru 90+% of kanji. If there were 40 kanji, you would have to pass 36.


Once I reached level 3 this appeared at the top of my page:

So for me there was never any confusion as to why I’m not leveling up, even though I finished level 3. Did it not appear for you?


As far as I remember, WK only checks your kanji progress for the “level-up” requirement (of course certain kanjis are locked unless you’ve guru-ed the required radicals). After guru-ing 90%+ of the kanji for level 3, technically you’re considered as level 4. However, when you click on lessons, you’ll be learning vocabs that use level 3 kanjis first. You can learn these level 3 vocabs using the free-trial account. To unlock the level 4 kanjis and onwards, you’ll need to subscribe. Personally, I completed all level 3 vocabs first before subscribing, just to maximize the free trial period lol.

It’s present immediately when you enter 3 level.

It’s sent when you finish level 2 and just enter level 3. In my case a few weeks ago. And doesn’t mean that level 3 is finished :slight_smile:


What is good - immediately after the payment I got my level 4 and +60 new lessons.
so I am good again. Just scared of the next 57 levels.


As you should be! All joking aside, congrats, best of luck, you got this!

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You can go as fast or as slow as you want. Go at your own pace. :smile_cat:


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