Haven't been using WaniKani for around 500 days. Now my statistics are screwed. ):

Hello hello,

I created this account like 500 days ago, but took a break when I hit level3. Now I’m glad to say that I’m back and motivated like I’ve never been before! I’ve been doing my reviews consistently and plan on keeping it like that till I hit level60!

However, now that I’m level4 new review sessions are coming slower than they used to. Also, whenever I get new lessons (yay!) I only get like 2 or 4 (boo…).That’s why I wanted to check my statistics and check if something was off with my learning progress (and because I wanted to check when I’d hit the next level assumingly). When I saw that my next level up would probably be in around 157 days, I got reminded of the fact that this account is old. stone old.

I wanted to ask if this huge gap ruins my learning progress and whether or not I should start from scratch again with a new account (which I really do not want to do in all honesty). or is there another way to deal with this problem perhaps?

thanks in advance!


If you’re talking about wkstats, you can simply click on the bar for level 3 in the diagram and it will be excluded from the statistics.


ohhhhh, well that’s a good thing to know haha. Thanks a lot! However, I’m still worried about this gap ruining the way I receive new lessons and reviews. Is it normal to only receive like 2 or 4 lessons at a time at this level? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that at all, but like I said, it kind of worries me. ;;

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Levels 1 and 2 are sped up relative to everything else, to mitigate the slowness complaints. So all it is is that you are now at normal speed.

You’re getting a trickle of lessons because you’re leveling items up at that pace. When you reach level 5 you’ll get a fresh big batch and it might seem more like what you’re used to.


oh okay I see, thanks for the info! I’ve stumpled upon a thread a couple of minutes ago where a user hit level60 within a year while only spending 7 days on each level. It’s been 8 days since I’ve hit level 4, but I still have around 70 vocabulary words I didn’t get lessons for yet. I guess that means I have to step up my game then!

That’s pretty much the maximum speed possible though ^^;

Just find a pace that works for you and stick with it - learning a language is not a race :wink:


Did you do all your lessons right away? Did you do all the reviews for radicals and kanji as soon as they appeared? If not, it would be unlikely to approach the 7 day pace.

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I usually log in at around 8am and log out at 5pm. During that time I do all my reviews whenever I get them. I’m taking a break throughout the weekend though. Whatever appears after 5pm will be looked at on the next day at 8am. and so on and so forth. ^^

since lessons usually appear right after you’re done with your reviews (at least thats how Ive been experiencing it), I always do them right away.

I’ll take a look at WaniKani on weekends too from now on, so maybe that’ll help. (:

The important lessons for level up time would be all in one giant batch immediately after you level up. Often people find that intimidating, to do them all at once, unless they use the reorder script to move the radicals to the front.


I’ve been able to do them all at once up until now. However, I agree that it definitely can be intimidating. I’ll definitely try my best for the future though. (:

After that long you may as well reset (you don’t need to create a new account) as it won’t take long to get back to that level. I just reset from level 23 after a year’s break - I still remember heaps but I was totally struggling and was getting demotivated.

It is so refreshing to start again! And this time I know the example vocab :slight_smile: I’m going to take my time this time, and finally pick up that genki textbook. Planning a trip to Japan next year so motivation is high!


No problem, fam. Fight through it, like I did. Have fun.


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