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so uh
I’ve been kinda falling off wanikani for a while (since my irl life got rather hectic) and that has resulted in a 400+ review mountain that I am reluctant to start on
I reverted to the beginning of 12 to try and deal with it but that only cut off 100 or so reviews
I can still sort of remember the vocabulary but it’s significantly more difficult to recall than normal
Do you guys have any tips on how I could tackle the 300 reviews and hopefully regain my daily wanikani consistency?


300 reviews should take around 2 hours tops, don’t wanna just pull the bandaid quick and then handle the accuracy later when they naturally come back?

I (and I think other people) did the thing where if I can’t remember what they’re asking in more than 10 seconds or so, I purposefully failed so that I needed to review it again, instead of trying to recall for a few minutes, since that’s not really how reading kanji should work.


Yeah i think that’s probably what I’m going to do, but it’s gonna be difficult to stay focused for that long

As for the failing thing, I’ve actually never heard of that technique before! Might try something like that from now on


For sure, take breaks and stuff. Not everyone can do two hours of kanji, it can be exhausting.

Maybe do like half-hour bursts, but focus on getting it finished in a day.

It’s good practice for later, since 200 reviews daily or so is not that uncommon.

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Another option is to pick a number to do daily. Like 100 reviews. It means it takes a few days to get it dealt with, maybe as much as a week depending on how many new reviews are coming in, but it also means you won’t have big groups of reviews following you around.

I personally have always taken down multi-day review piles a bit at a time, because it makes the future work load more even (because I won’t have a big review pile I did all at once coming back together all the time (well those that fall within the same SRS level)).


It might be overkill but I like this lock add-on:

The script lets you work on the currently-due items without getting flooded by the overdue ones.

I’m in the same boat chipping away at 500 (now 350) reviews from a year ago, and missing 30-50% each time. I do about 10-20 per sitting a few times a day (because I lose focus with anything more) and if there’s nothing waiting for me I “unlock” another little batch of old reviews.

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how is apprentice? Do you do lessons everyday?

Sometimes I spend days without any lessons becase my apprentice is above 90, only yesterday I did 15 new lessons because it dropped to 75. And everyday I have around 150 reviews.

I finished working through a big mountain of reviews recently. If you feel like you can’t concentrate anymore, take a break and try again a few hours later. Don’t be disheartened by low accuracy or when you see the number rise again due to apprentice items coming back. If you’re consistent, your reviews might be back to 0 sooner than you expect. You got this!

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with just a few hundred reviews, brute-forcing them is an option. if the pile gets larger, or you want to spread them out more, i recommend re-ordering your reviews.

re-order them either by WK-level (that’s a new-ish option in WK), or use a userscript to re-order by SRS level.

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I’ve found this feature doesn’t really work that way. In my experience, it’s made me see a lot more older stuff, but like it says, it’s still random. Whereas before my reviews were truly random and could statistically be skewed towards newer stuff or give me a lot of older stuff just depending on luck, this option gives me more of a variety- that is, each section I’m seeing a mix of old stuff, new stuff, and some in between. I’m curious what the actual perimeters are for it.

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i can’t say how the reorder by WK-level works from personal experience, but in similar threads people have recommended it. myself, i reorder by SRS-level, which i think makes more sense. but that requires a userscript, which can be a hurdle for some users.

either way the point it to give WK some method for prioritizing certain reviews over others, so that the SRS can work even when you don’t get through all the reviews.

before I fell off wanikani, I would do radical and kanji lessons as soon as they came in, while i would only do vocab if i had space, resulting in around 90 in apprentice

I think i’ll begin using this thread to document tackling this review pile

Day 1:

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