Streak Saver

Ok, a little embarrassing to even be asking this, cause in the larger scheme of things, this ain’t solving world hunger, but has anyone developed a tool that will ping WK once a day to keep a streak alive? I will be out of reach of the internet for a single day later this week, and the thought of my 600+ day streak ending is kinda sad.

And yeah, I know it’s cheating, but if the internets could reach where I’m going I’d certainly fire up Flaming Durtles to get at least a few reviews in every day. So I feel as though my motivation is pure…

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I dont know of a script that does what you want but for a one time solution you could ask a friend or something to do a review for you. They would do it wrong but it still counts as having done a review.

Flamming Durtles has offline mode, if you review offline it will sync when back online and your streak will be safe.


OMG, that’s so sweet. That’s not even cheating!

How does that work? I looked for something in settings and don’t see anything obvious. Does it just allow you to do reviews without being online? Presumably it synced your pending reviews before you lost the internets. If I were to save up a bunch of reviews could I just parcel them out over a series of days to keep my streak alive and then everything is synced when I get back online? What if I run out of reviews? Presumably I could do lessons then? It’s been months and months since I’ve been a member of the 0/0 club, so there’s no risk of running out of lessons.

Do I now have an excuse to let my reviews pile up for the next few days so I’ll have a big slug when I’m offline. :slight_smile:


That’s it basically, more details from the author hinself:


Can confirm. I went camping for a few days in the middle of nowhere, and maintained my WaniKani streak because Flaming Durtles gave me all my reviews on time (it’s automatic; no settings necessary), and synced them back to the server when I was online again.

(My iKnow streak died that trip, though.)