Reviews heatmap not working

did multiple reviews today

however, the review heatmap shows I did 0 reviews

does anyone know what’s up?

It unfortunately broke due to this change:


Note that the lessons view should still function



today would be day streak 500

tears will be shed

(at least, as you said, Kumirei, lessons view is still available)


I have made an update to the Heatmap to track the reviews locally for now. You should start setting reviews coming in again once you update to 3.0.57.

Note that his is per-device, and reviews done on one device won’t show up on another.


Ruined my 116 day streak, damn. :grinning:

:rofl: :joy:


For anyone else having this problem, I just updated it by going to the original heatmap forum, clicking on the “available at the local icecream stand” which takes you to greasyfork, and installing the update. Then I did another batch of reviews and my streak has updated! so I’m back at 116. Thank you Kumirei!

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Am I wrong in thinking that the review streaks are determined by the API data, so once WK makes a solution (if one is made), then the streaks should be back to normal and unaffected? :thinking:

Or is your problem just with that you won’t be able to see it?

@Kumirei am I stupid


Welp. :sob:


I updated and did a session of 10 and it counted those ten. Thanks for saving my streak @Kumirei. You are the greatest!

Although can you elaborate on the local part? What changed? I presume this means that reviews done on Flaming Durtles won’t count on my office machine. I’ve used Flaming Durtles a few times just to save the streak when I’ve been offline for a day or two. (One of the best features of Flaming Durtles…).


Yep once we get access to the data again any unbroken streaks will be restored


The Heatmap is now monitoring the reviews you do on the reviews page instead of getting that data from the API. Because we don’t have access to the API anymore any reviews done on other devices will not be available through the API. As such the Heatmap will only be able to track reviews done on the device where it’s installed

If you do reviews elsewhere and just want to fix your streak to reflect that, there is a way to manually insert reviews into the reviews cache

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I shall be sending you an offering of flowers, oh @Kumirei, if I get the Heatmap back and am able to see my streak. It is more than enough to get this only on the device where it is installed.
Let me now try and figure out how to do the update to Heatmap…I still do not understand how to see the Heatmap on the reviews page…but one thing at a time…


You won’t see it, it’s running in the background to collect the reviews

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Thanks. This prompted me to go read the thread where tofugu-scott explains what happened.

Not really surprised, but disappointing none-the-less.


Thank you, this script is one of the only things that keeps me accountable and keeps me doing reviews with any regularity. It’s like getting a little gold star every day I do my reviews and keeps my focus on consistency rather than trying to level up quickly which overwhelms me. Thank you for making it and keeping it up to date :smile:


@Kumirei So is the wanikani team looking for a solution?? Or is the synchronization of reviews heatmap from multiple devices now a thing of the past :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

If its discontinued indefinitely I might look into writing up a solution :thinking: Maybe like a userscript that writes onto a personal cloud which everyone has access to like google drive for example (and an extension for wk heatmap that reads from that cloud)


They’re supposedly working on it still, but afaik we haven’t heard anything about it for ages and based on how long something as relatively simple as the summary screen or kana toggle is taking I wouldn’t expect the API fix to be any time soon. Tbh I’m losing hope we’ll get it back at all lmao…
So if you’d like to write up a solution to it… There would certainly be a few very grateful people!


I haven’t heard anything new. Very disappointing