My level 60 post, My cake, and My introduction (笑)

Well, I’ve finally made it. Honestly when I first started, I genuinely thought this was going to be around a 3 year journey for me. I had a really rough beginning as you can tell.

Level up chart

I have always struggled to do lessons, that’s why I didn’t level up sometimes. I just don’t like doing them. Also had a vacation somewhere in there. Starting level 25, I had enough of that and proceeded to sign a contract with the Crabigator, in which the details may not be shared.

Anyway, before I get more into things, let me show you the cake that I am currently eating as I type this.


I figured I’d get something different than the usual square or circle cakes. Also a whale is a sea creature, he might be a distant cousin of the Crabigator. Would be nice to get a custom WaniKani themed cake, but that’s money I don’t have.

I believe it’s time I introduce myself since I never made the post.



Click me next!

Okay, here’s the real introduction…

Actually I’m not too sure what goes in an introduction, I like anime, I guess. I kind of initially got the motivation to start Japanese because I wanted to read a light novel. Waiting for translations takes too long.
As of writing this, I’m 20 years old and I’m president of the united states.
I started WaniKani 632 days ago, so I was pretty close to age 19. My birthday is May 21st.

I graduated High School a year early, took 2 years of graphic design, graduated and finally decided I’m not doing that.
Never had too much interest in much, but I decided to go with a job related to my what my dad works as, makes good money and it’ll be easy for me to get into, so I won’t complain.

As for my language experiences, well I am a native English speaker, and my mother tongue is Sindhi, which most people never have heard of. I can understand Sindhi well, but I struggle speaking it. I also took Chinese in 8th grade, pretty much only remember how to say “I love you”. I then proceeded to take Spanish for like 2.5 years but I also forgot all of that. Now for Japanese, I did try at one point to learn as a kid, but that lasted literally like 1 or 2 days with duolingo. Aside from that, I actually learned a lot just from watching anime, never tried to learn from it, but I know a lot of words, phrases, and grammar from it.

Did I achieve my goals?

Well, if we’re talking about light novels, I’m a coward so I haven’t even touched one yet. Soon though. But I can read manga, yeah. I even fan translated one. There are occasional kanji I don’t recognize and some I just forgot because my brain is empty but I’m quite satisfied with how much I learned from WaniKani. As long as you’re not expecting mastery, you won’t be disappointed. Also make sure you’re aware that WaniKani isn’t a vocabulary service.

Next steps

First off is level 61

I don’t have any intention of quitting WaniKani, still some stuff left to do, I’ll be here on the forums too.

I’ve also been very slow with my grammar studies, I’m going to need to pick that back up as well as simply reading a lot more. My vocab is quite weak in particular.

I plan on going to Japan sometime in 2023, will be my first time there, so much to do, so little time.


WaniKani has definitely helped me feel confident that Japanese is a learnable language, aside from the kanji, I feel like that’s one of the most important things. Thank you Koichi and the rest of the staff for working so hard on the website.

Speaking of thanking people, the whole community is great. I was genuinely shocked at how nice people were when I joined. Lots of people who interacted with me, and/or answered my questions, I’m very grateful. I’ve recommended the forums to people even if they don’t even use WaniKani with how great it is.

I’d also like to thank the draft feature, because just now I somehow closed all 17 of my tabs with some shortcut and I almost died.

If I’m going to tag somebody, I’d like to tag @icefang97 . I haven’t spoken to you in a while but you were the first person I interacted with regularly here and you were a bit of my source of motivation. I hope you’re proud that I finally made it here.

In the beginning of 2022, I was level 15, and here I am at 60. I joined this study buddy race at that time. The goal for the race was level 30, which I figured I could do since I was already half way there, but I wanted to go for at least 35 or 40. Stuff happened and somehow I ended up at level 60. Crabigator does wonders to a man.

Finally, if you have any questions about me, or my journey, anything at all, feel free to ask. I may have forgotten to write something here.


Congrats! Don’t wait to read! Seriously, JUST DO IT! As you can see (Level 20ish), I’m not super high. I was closer to 30 a while ago before I reset for shits and giggles. But anyway, I’ve really hit the books this past year hard. I’m currently reading 大中小探偵クラブ. It’s going pretty well. I just finished the first 3 books of さっかになりたい! as well. I got started using my WK skills, Tae Kim’s grammar guide, a couple of native speakers to help, and Tadoku graded readers. It took me about a year, give or take, to get to this level from basically zero reading ability. If you’re level 60, then you are GOOD TO GO! がんばるね!


Congrats, man. That’s a pretty insane pace you hit for the 2nd half there. Inspiring stuff, thanks for sharing. In general seems like you’re ahead of the curve of your peers, definitely ahead of where I was with my studies at 20, kudos. Hope you trip goes well too, I’m also looking forward to taking one and applying some of this Kanji knowledge in practice. Really stokes the fire in you when you start to realize you can understand a lot of what they’re saying in anime/manga, let alone in real life.
Congrats again, enjoy your cake.



That’s really impressive! But yeah, I definitely have something in mind to read soon. I think I just want to be a bit more solid on manga first. Maybe after I finish the 5 volume series I just bought, I’ll go to the LN world.

I still remember the first time I had that moment. The word was 進化 that I heard. And thank you, the cake was nice :slight_smile:


I didn’t know you were so young (or wait, is it me who is so old :rofl:), but congrats! I feel like completing Wanikani is not only great for Japanese but also teaching you a valuable life lesson: if you put your mind to it, and keep at something, even a little bit everyday, it goes a looong way! So that’s great for you that you’ve learned that at 20 yo already, going to be useful for you the rest of your life :smiley:
And you’re right, never heard of your other mother tongue, going to have to look it up :sweat_smile:
Have fun on the rest of your japanese journey, and agreed with you the draft feature is amazing haba


congrats on level 60 and the cake.
I’m surprised you tagged me but I’m glad I could be of any help. I’m proud you made it all the way up here.
Don’t wait too much before starting to read. I started light novels when I was around level 30 if I remember correctly. It’s awful at first but you need to get used to it. I still can’t read as fast in Japanese and it takes me some effort but it’s so much fun. At first I took an hour per page without understanding much so I’m sure you can do better than me. You will never be ready for it because it is a real challenge so get used to it as quick as possible and your learning just increase that much faster.

I know right. I had the same reaction first. Since everyone here wanna learn and grow then we all help each other. Such a nice forum.

And the question I have for you is “What was the hardest moment you had with Japanese learning?” What was the most difficult to learn or what moment almost made you drop learning it. Then what was the best one.


Thanks! I would have assumed I’m a relatively normal age, though I wish I could have started even earlier. I envy a child’s ability to learn sometimes.

Thank you!
I wouldn’t forget you, I had a great time talking to you back then :slight_smile:

Yeah, that sounds unbearable. I don’t think I’d be that slow luckily, but I just know I don’t have the vocabulary in order to understand it that well. By the way, what did you use for your vocabulary?

I guess it’d be kanji being the toughest? Still have trouble reading it from time to time. And I’m not sure if I ever did feel like dropping, maybe for a short period of time in the beginning, when I tried to read and realized I knew nothing. For my best moment, it’d probably be when I read a manga chapter, understanding 99% of it, with no trouble.
Seems like my answers are quite lackluster but this is all I can think of.


That’s nice to hear

Ha ha ha. It’s called being stubborn. I’m reading that book whatever the difficulty was.

Kitsun The person who made it come from this forum if you didn’t know about it. It’s really good and I still use it to this day.

Don’t put yourself down. I’m not expecting a novel of the year here ha ha


Congrats on making it! :partying_face: :tada:


Interesting, I never actually checked out what kitsun was before now. I’ll definitely have to think about it, since it’s another SRS system, I am not sure if I want to keep SRSing. But I’ll keep the page bookmarked in case I feel I need it. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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Woah. Did not expect to find another Sindhi native on here. Wild.


Grats! That pace at the fast levels is impressive :slight_smile:

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Congratulations again Haseeb :smiley: I love the whale cake :partying_face::birthday::confetti_ball: And a nice tale BTW (I knew U were indeed a great writer also :wink:).

Plz. Tell us what you can about your strategy: How you managed to do those last levels Superfast :scream: which scripts to use, which kind of drug to skip sleeping (that’s a joke of course :smiling_imp:, I mean your schedule) and which songs you listen in the background to keep motivated… Everything can be of use for us, simple mortals trying to follow the Crabigator.

Hope to have some news from you when you read those novels at last and visit Japan for the first time


For scripts, Reorder Omega, double check and item info expander more recently. It helps a lot because I eventually realized how much time I was wasting having to click to expand details.

While not a script, a big thing was setting flaming durtles to Anki mode, letting me just go through some reviews while playing games like in between matches. I also started putting wanikani on my second monitor so I could do reviews while watching stuff on my main monitor.

For music it’s just whatever I like at the moment, like anime songs or whatever. For example, I’m currently watching Bocchi the Rock that’s airing right now, and it has some nice music, so I listen to that sometimes.

Despite my pace, I usually don’t recommend it to others, only something you should do if you have the will to do it by yourself. It’s something that I decided on my own, not influenced by anyone else. It just boils down to, do you want to experience pain everyday just for level 60?

you can’t fool me, undercover cop!

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Nice :grin:

You just avoided jail for now 🕵‍♂️

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Grats man, well done!
Good on ya’ for sticking with it and getting to the end, and at a pretty dang good pace to boot!

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I recently made a topic about the fast levels, how others experienced it. My first one starts this tuesday. I hope I can keep up the tempo that you managed! And no the goal is not to get lvl 60 just to get… level 60, but you know how tiring it is doing it in this tempo, I’m looking forward to have a little bit less pressure after doing this since March :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, I did it so I can get all the kanji in my head, so that afterwards it’s only review. It feels better reading and recognizing most kanji even if I don’t remember how to read it, easier to learn from a search up as well since it’s just a refresher rather than a first look at it.

Good luck!


Congrats!!! Happy you made it :slight_smile:

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