Story of my not so interesting WaniKani journey

Congratulations! These success stories are always a big boost!


Congratulations! I’m glad to have made even a small impact on your journey. It inspires me to keep going and reach that final level.

Seriously, congrats!


YAAAAAAAAY congratulations @icefang97 !! :tada::durtle_love::tada: (I was hoping you’d make a level 60 post ^^)

That was a very enjoyable read, I love seeing how different yet at times similar all of our journeys are on the road to 60, it’s no easy feat! You should be very proud :smile_cat: I was also glad to read about how much this community has helped you, I feel the same exact way about this place :yellow_heart: looking forward to reading 時をかける少女 with you in just a few more weeks in the book club! Let’s help each other even moreね :slightly_smiling_face: よろしくお願いします~ :pray:

And last but not least, welcome to 60! I hope you’re enjoying all the delicious cake :cake::durtle_yellow_rodent:

^^holy crap this looks AMAZING



Mostly bug. The the next level just ate the time. I haven’t started the level 60 stuff and level 57 just got his day stolen by level 58 cause I was rushing these fast levels.

I’m glad that it helped you and a huge thx for writing such an enjoyable comment. It’s really appreciated. Good luck in your Japanese learning I know you will be able to reach us in the cake realm. Remember that if you have any kind of question just ask. We will all be glad to answer. (Well I will at least) :grinning:

It wasn’t a small impact. I was always pushing myself saying that it’s only a bad day and that it will go away. You post really opened my eyes and made me realize I was going to burn myself up. I took the time to clear my 400 ish lesson before going on. Would have been hell without that break. I could have burned out completely.

I am wondering how come you were waiting for it or knew I just have gotten level 60 (Maybe because of the post I made on the level 60 thread.) But yeah I was busy with school and such a post is long to make but is worth sooo much. I was wondering If I should have waited for my lesson to be lower since I haven’t started level 60 stuff. ha ha.

Yeah ! I already started since I finished my last book. I am reading one chapter per day. (4-5 Page/枚) That book is simple to read compared to what I was reading.

Thx for the comments guys. I don’t deserve you. :sob: I hope you will still be adding to this wonderful community for years to come.

I just remembered I forgot to thanks @neicul - senpai for making I am using it every day and I forgot to mention you. I’m using it for non-WK think and German so it’s pretty useful. I can’t thank you enough


I remembered seeing you get closer and closer in the book club threads and then one day it was the golden badge and it made me happy to see ^^

We do have a golden badge never noticed ha ha. I’m happy senpai noticed me. I do remember at one point when you were not level 60. I didn’t wanted to lose ground to you ha ha.

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I thought the only reason anyone ever reaches 60 is for the golden badge (extra forum points you know) :thinking::thinking::thinking:

hahahah not really, but also yes seriously I think this is the first time I heard of a level 60 not knowing about the badge :laughing: either way, looks good on you :durtle_vin:


Most of the time I’m looking a the number not the color of the badge. Cool to know I now have a gold badge. ha ha And level 60 is for the cake not the gold badge. (Now it’s both)

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Congratulations and thanks a lot for sharing all this! For me as one of the slow learners It’s always a double-edged sword to read about the learners that are fast haha! I envy you, but still look up to you a lot and especially reading insights like these from people that have reached the goal (Level 60 is the first goal I guess, burning everything is the next :stuck_out_tongue:) is very motivational!

I have had my fair share of hardships, and when I started WK I was not thinking I would be as low level as I am… in this amount of time. I wish I could have still pushed through even with everything that happened in my life, but I think that I would have given up Japanese entirely if I did.

I’m slowly getting back into it after about 5 months of not doing any reviews on WK (but still studying Japanese every day) It feels great to hear your take on that WK is not a race, and that most people will not see the slow pace as something negative (because to yourself, that’s a thought that comes up over and over again).

I had to reset back 2 levels, and I’m slowly getting back into it but I’m still proud of myself for not giving up. I still hope that I will join you one day, and I’m still proud that i continue to climb this mountain even after everything that has happened.

A big CONGRATULATIONS! I’m longing for that cake! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you like it. I do remember seeing you on the forums sometimes ago. It does take a huge amount of effort to reach level 60 but I believe it takes an even greater amount to effort to just consider resetting your level. Even if you are not high-level WK user but your still doing Japanese every day it’s great. Outside of WK there is no level for your Japanese knowledge. (Even if I would like to but I’m just way too competitive) it’s best to go slowly but to remember it all then just rush through it and remember half of it. I was rushing the level at the end but my accuracy level dropped as well. It’s kind of hypocritical right? I rush my level then I tell you not to.(笑)But I don’t regret rushing them. I’m so harsh on me that I wouldn’t have wanted to take much pause unless I arrived at level 60. I don’t regret my learning choice and I hope you don’t too. As long as you continue to study hard and want to study, then you can do it. Sometimes it’s important to just sit back and realize all the thing you can now do in Japanese. Someday I just realize how much I can do that I haven’t realized so far. Look at what you can do and what you want. Do not look at the way or you will be discouraged by it. Let you be guided by passion.

By the way, don’t hope to join me one day. Join me one day and surpass me. I know you can.
“It’s okay to fall down everyone does but it’s not okay to stay down”

All that to say, “Continue on new path you can do it I believe in you”.

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Congratulations on your awesome journey! It inspires me to read how people kept at it and finally finished their goal. Thanks for sharing with us.


Heeeeeeey! You did it :heart: Congratulations! Enjoy this rewarding time now and start thinking about the next thing to conquer :sunglasses:

Thanks for the shoutout. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


401 days on first level :crazy_face: congrate on being 60 :sunglasses:


Thanks. When I started WK I did it for 2 day then didn’t touch it for like one year or so. But yeah pretty ugly in these stats ha ha


No no it’s funny :slight_smile:

I’m so happy you made it, and to have been influencial enough to be @‘ed. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thx. Btw you are close to level 60. 頑張ってください


Aww, I missed this at the time - huge congratulations! I really love reading level 60 posts, so thank you for making one :blush:


You mean I could get to talk about myself at great length, and people might actually find this not only tolerable but actually useful? :open_mouth:

Maybe I should write one of these. it’s only been a year and a half since I reached 60…

Also: well done, and never stop ganbatting! It was an enjoyable read!


It would definitely be an unique perspective. You could focus on giving a “post-wk” point of view :slight_smile: I think it would be interesting.