Starting new lessons

When you unlock new lessons, do you immediately do them? Or do you wait until you’re more comfortable with the unlocked radicals/kanji/vocab you already have?
I’m only level 2, but I’m starting to get overwhelmed with the number of reviews every day (and yes, I am aware the reviews will increase exponentially as I go). Thank you all!

I intially did them as soon as they were available, at whatever time of day they showed up, but b’se of the SRS timing, that meant some of them were coming up for review in the middle of the night.

Then I read jprspereira’s advice (now incorporated into this guide) and I set a regular schedule for lessons and reviews for myself, so I now only do a set number first thing each morning along with reviews, with the other 2 sessions only for reviews. The bulk of your reviews will end up in the 2nd review-only session.

P.S. See #4 of the guide regarding SRS timing and setting your study schedule

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It depends on how comfortable I feel with the content. Having previously studied Japanese in college, many of the early levels have a good chunk of kanji or radicals I recognize from the past, or things I already know how to say (pronunciate). So I don’t need to memorize mneumonics or silly things to remember. That being said, I always complete lessons when I see them, so I’m a stickler for hard work. If I feel like I am taking on too much, I just wait to clear out some of the content before moving forward.

My advice: Don’t just try to do everything all at once. It causes you to burn out faster. Take your time, you don’t have to be the best of the best (or fastest). There are race forum topics if that is what you want, but be wary of the results you will find that way.

Just make sure you are enjoying yourself and not causing more stress when studying :slight_smile: Good luck!!


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