Juggling Lessons & Reviews

This has most definitely been a post on the forums before but all of my searching hasn’t found the exact thread I’m looking for.

I just hit level 5 today (woo, progress!) and suddenly I have 90 new lessons in my queue. With no reviews to come for a few hours, I started busting through a lot of them. I only realized much later that these would all pop up in reviews at around the same time, and a few hours later I had over 100 review terms to go through.

I assume that as I move on in levels, I’ll have a lot of lessons to go through again on top of all of the reviews that I still need to do since the previous level’s guru kanji unlock multitudes of vocabulary while the current level unlocks new radicals and some kanji.

How do you all manage the huge amounts of lessons on top of reviews? I hear some people say to always do reviews first, then focus on new lessons, but should I only do a certain amount of lessons at one time?

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Back when I first started, everything that came up on the site was stuff I already knew, so I just blasted through everything in one go, every time it appeared at the top.

Now that, generally speaking, everything is new to me, my flow goes like this.

-Level up
-70ish lessons appear
-Immediately do the radicals by using the reorder script
-Spread out kanji lessons over the next 24 hours
-Spread out vocab lessons over the next few days
-Radicals are guru’d, immediately do new kanji lessons
-Level up

I have about 100-200 reviews a day.

People will have varying opinions and there probably is a ‘best way’, but all you can do is what suits you and your situation.

I do wanikani twice a day (sometimes more). I usually do all of the reviews in one hit and if I can, I do the lessons in one hit (even if there is a ridiculous amount). If I don’t have the time to do that, I do reviews and/or lessons in lots of 20 or 30.

I do 20-30 lessons per day with reorder scripts like Leebo suggested. This puts you at a 80-120 apprentice stack and will clear all lessons from most levels within 8 days. Radicals/Kanji are the bottlenecks, so do those first, then take your time filling in vocabulary. This keeps the reviews shorter and evenly spread out over the week. If you do them all clumped like that it will get worse in the future when you not only get slammed with reviews from recent levels, but a clump of master/enlighten terms come up with them as well.

I prioritize reviews. There’s no point learning new terms if you’re too busy to reinforce your memory of existing ones.

I hear a lot of people using a reorder script but I don’t really know how to do that. It sounds like it makes things a lot easier, since I always want to learn radicals first, then kanji. I can always focus on the vocab later, but mixing them all up like WK does gets a little frustrating.

Please check this out.


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I just do about 20 lessons a day. But always focus on your reviews first. If you feel too burnt out to do lessons, they are still there waiting for you. Sometimes, you just can’t cram everything in all at once.

With about 20 lessons a day, you can level in around 10-14 days. Lately I’ve been doing 10-15 lessons a day, so my level up time has been more like 20 days. (I don’t give any preference to kanji, radical, or vocab, myself. This could be done faster if you, like Leebo said, use a reorder script to leave those vocabulary items for last.) Remember though that the faster you level up, the more likely old items will come back around again (to Master, Enlighten, and Burn) while you are also dealing with new daily reviews and lessons. So you need to figure out a workload that is good for you.