Stage Up/Down marker bug

Minor bug: whenever I see a radical for the first time and get it right, it is shown with a down arrow:


(Other types of subjects do not exhibit this bug. My guess is that it has to do with there being no reading attached to the subject)

I’m not sure what that is, that looks like some kind of script or third-party something or other?

Betcha he’s using a smartphone app

It looks like the stuff that shows up when you hit the checkbox during reviews. I didn’t think anyone actually used that feature.

Agreed. I think the feature could be removed.

Never once clicked that little thing. Just tried, and all it says is “You have not recently completed any items in your reviews” even though I’ve complete 15 so far. But, I do have scripts running, so who knows.

I’m not even sure what checkbox you guys are talking about?

I had to refresh to get stuff to show up.

I’m assuming its this thing.

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