Ohoh, what's wrong in the reviews?

Hello All! :grinning:

Starting this morning I’m seeing something funny during the review session. Every time one item is complete (meaning and reading or just meaning in the case of radicals) the count for the remaining reviews goes down, but the count for the done reviews remains to zero (on the top right of the screen). Please have a look to the pic if what I said is not so clear (PS: wooohoooo, first pic uploaded!)

Anyone experiencing the same?



I also experienced this today, but my review session was still functionally the same in spite of it.

It has already been reported!


Unfortunately you may have to go back and check. Until this bug is fixed, the reviews don’t leave the review pile, they still pop up as not being reviewed and will show up again the next hour. You also can do any lessons as they won’t stick as done and will not move from the lesson pile to the review pile.

The only way around it that I have found is using a third party app, I’m using Flaming Durtles. The app actually clears the reviews and moves lessons to the review pile.

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Yes, same for me. It worked all the way to the end, just that feeling of something wrong/missing.

Thank you! :grinning:

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Thank you for sharing that! Ahhaha, again I missed that someone already reported it :grinning:

Acutally for me is a bit different. They leave the review pile and do not show up until they are supposed to. It’s just an info missing in the count of reviews done/left while doing a review session.
I don’r use scripts

I’ve also noticed that the little progress bar at the top of the review screen isn’t present or moving anymore.

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Oh yes! Me too. I guess this is what first gave me the feeling of something’s wrong here

It looks like it started working again.

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Yeah, working again for me as well