Sound truncated

it’s actually truncated at the beginning of the audio, which then sounds like “sumi”, with the “ya” cut off.

it’s not all audio, mostly the first in a row of rapidly answered quizzes, and after taking a few seconds to answer again.

might be a plugin, but which? i vaguely remember having had that in the past, don’t know how i fixed it back then.

any idea?

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what about first confirming that it is not an issue with the player rather than the file itself? You can try to visualize the .wav in the audicity software.


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You should post a link to audio. But I’ve heard the audio get clipped often. Interestingly it usually plays fully the first time, but then in subsequent plays (until page refresh) it’s clipped.

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i can play it manually by clicking on the little speaker icons, both male and female work well - but both clip on autoplay in lessons and reviews.

let me give you some more info:
i’m using the latest chrome, the latest tampermonkey, this is my list of scripts

and this my hardware


I noticed this happening when I was playing audio on a Bluetooth speaker. It starts playing the audio from low volume. And resets after a short time, so it is just like you described.

My speakers aren’t bluetooth, but something’s wonky for sure. :confused:
I really don’t want to uninstall all the scripts to search for the culprit - I had hoped one of them had a known problem with audio, but if nothing helps, I’ll try to find the problem by eliminating possible causes.

I don’t think it’s a problem with the scripts. Just turn off Tampermonkey itself to test once with none of them enabled.

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gonna give that a try and report back, thanks

I have the same issue on chrome as well during autoplay. Does everyone with Chrome have the issue that first syllable is clipped on autoplay?

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