Audio clipping in Firefox


I’m having problems with my audio files in Firefox. The sound files are clipped short, usually at the end, but sometimes it will only play a bit of the sound from the middle.

I’ve tried multiple speakers connected to my laptop and it doesn’t make a difference.
I also tried to run Wanikani on Chrome and the audio works fine there.
I disabled all my scripts in FF and the issue is still there.


This is happening to me as well. I see you posted this awhile ago have you found any fix?

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No. I started using Chrome for my reviews, but it often clips a bit there as well on the first play. If I want to hear the audio properly, I generally need to hit the button to replay the sound every time.

Though in Firefox it would clip off no matter how many times I replayed the sound.

I see, thanks for sharing. May have to change as well.

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