Song Lyric Confusion! フウセンカズラ

Looking for help translating a part of these lyrics from “Tower of Flower” from the Lycoris Recoil Anime.


Nobody’s voice could reach
the top of the tower (?-a bit shaky here too)
??? Flying Balloon Vine ???
I want to see you smile

I’m especially confused about “Flying Balloon-Vine”. Can’t really find anything about フウセンカズラ…

Here’s the clip from the YT video of the song from the official channel.

I don’t really NEED to know the answer… but it’s been bugging me!!

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フウセンカズラ is this plant:
It’s heart shaped (and red), so romantic

Also, and I find this both amusing and incredibly cute, this is the seed of it:

This thing is just a big heart through and through


they look like hot-air balloons!



can’t say anything about the rest of the song, but based on that one part alone, i think that’s the mental image the lyrics are going for?

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I get that it’s supposed to be some sort of imagery or metaphoric.I was able to google what they are, but the way I’m reading it they’re just kinda randomly singing…


…in the middle of a song. To use an English example, I’m understanding it like this…

Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Life is but a dream!

And sure, I can picture a muscular sunflower rowing its way down a stream, but it’s probably not the image they were going for… it’s really more a question of the use of the word 飛ばす with it to make it a complete thought in the rest of the lyrics.

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It has a general association with love and affection. Kinda like singing about leaves falling in the air to symbolize autumn.
As for 飛ばす, I assume it’s just wordplay. Like what else would a balloon-vine be doing?

Like what else would a balloon -vine be doing?

Apparently be an invasive species in New Zealand :laughing:

I’ll mark it solved and figure it out a year from now, I suppose. Maybe I’m looking for a more technical answer? As a vocalist and someone who absolutely nerds out on song lyrics (and it’s a large reason I’m studying Japanese!) I’ve sung some wacky stuff, but this one line has to be the more bizarre thing I’ve seen and I can’t get over it!!


Thank you :slight_smile:

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I don’t think anyone mentioned but you omitted the “hand” part in your translation.

Nobody’s hands nor voice could reach
to the top of the soaring tower

Is how I’d go for a translation

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