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The song ラブずっきゅん by Hakushi Hasegawa ( 長谷川白紙 ). I couldn’t find any translations online that weren’t just obviously google translated. I realized there is an older version by another artist and that this is just a cover but I like this version better. I’ve been trying to parse the meaning of the lyrics and think I get the general gist of it but was wondering if you guys could perhaps give me some better insight. Here is the link to the song, alternatively if you don’t trust clicking links just look up “Love Zukkyun Hakushi Hasegawa” into Youtube or Spotify.

ずっきゅん seems to be a pretty rare onomatopoeic word for the sound of something impaling the heart (presumably an arrow, and in this case an arrow of love).

The use of 憎らしいあいつ, jisho says 憎らしい can have the meaning of “darling” ironically. I think the songwriter is talking about themself in past tense endearingly but also repugnantly at the same time (I think you understand what I mean).

Here are the Japanese lyrics with my attempt at any means of translation underneath:

ここ ここ ここはどこ 宇宙
Here, here, where is here? Space,

I realized that I overstepped my center line, (maybe center line meaning comfort zone?)

Tomorrow is shigyoushiki.

にく にく にく

(Horrible) His time machine, (couldn’t find an elegant way to phrase it)

With one great leap through spacetime,

Vanishes into yesterday.

きみ きみ 君は誰
You, you, who are you?

want you わたし冒険少女
Want you, I, risky/adventurous girl (? this passage I struggled with the most)

Amazons returning, loving high teen(s) (? again this part is really difficult to me lol)

すき すき すき 隙だらけ
Suki, suki, suki, → (wordplay of 好き and 隙 probably in play here I think)

(Chink-ridden) His invented child. (? wasn’t too sure which meaning of 隙 here, perhaps “breach in a relationship” is more likely)

The diary that (?) entered in without fail.

ラブ ラブ ラブずっきゅん
ラブ ラブ ラブずっきゅんだね
ラブ ラブ ラブずっきゅん

(Does 君にほら mean “Look to you?” or something different?)

あれ? あれ? いきなり脳卒中
Hm? Hm? Sudden stroke,


貝殻集めて歩くの 由比ヶ浜
Yui beach where I walk along and collect shells year round,

ふた ふた ふた

Two suddenly get closer, and since that day,

(I ?) stopped collecting shells,

ラブ ラブ ラブずっきゅん
ラブ ラブ ラブずっきゅんだね
ラブ ラブ ラブずっきゅん
ラブ ラブ ラブずっきゅん
ラブ ラブ ラブずっきゅんだよ
ラブ ラブ ラブずっきゅん
ラブ …

ここ ここ ここはどこ どこ
Here, here, where is here? Where?

I realized I overstepped my center line,

Tomorrow is shigyoushiki.

Sorry for the long post ^^;

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You could try this random fan article about the song, which might help with interpretation.

I think (and that person seems to agree) that 中央線乗り越して has the straightforward meaning of missing your stop on the Chuou Line (well-known Tokyo rail line).


I think this is “I am an adventurous girl” or “I, an adventurous girl,” or something along those lines. The original artist was a band fronted by a woman, so the song’s gonna be written from a woman’s perspective

Also, when a particle is dropped, it’s most probably gonna be a は, I think

This feels more like ほら is an interjection, like “A love arrow, hey, pierces your heart” (or however you wanna translate ラブずっきゅん)

Again, the dropped particle is more likely to be は than の, so it’s “He is an 発明キッド,” which I’m leaning more toward “inventor kid”? It seems to make more sense in this context than “invented kid.” And then the next line:

つける can also mean “to keep a diary; to make an entry,” so this would be “Who keeps a secret diary without fail,” “And (he) keeps a secret diary without fail,” etc.


Why didn’t you translate this part? :rofl:

始業式 is opening ceremony.

アマゾン帰り returning from the Amazon
の恋するハイティーン late teenager in love

“late teenager in love returning from the Amazon.”

This is a set phrase, basically, “to be full of openings”. Like for attacks, advances, etc.

Yuigahama is the name of the beach, no?

二人が急接近した two people suddenly got closer
あの日から since that day

The first sentence is modifying the next.

“Since that day when two people suddenly got closer.”

Most likely.

I imagine her crush got together with someone else? And she stopped picking up shells? Idk.

The song is good, but it gave me anxiety, haha.
I prefer the original.

Found an ok translation:

This one looks good, too:

Also funny that you mention Google Translate, since this is a comment with the lyrics translated with Google Translate, and it seems pretty good to me. Not perfect, of course:

Now I have the song stuck in my head. :upside_down_face:

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