Can somebody help me with translating song

so i’m sadly not good enough at japanese to understand words in this song, but the problem is that i can’t find this song on the internet?:skull: Like it never existed actually. And i can’t even look up lyrics of this song because of this. So it would be pretty nice if somebody could write at least the text of this song and i dont know where else i can ask such thing so please???

It seems as if we don’t have access to the file, so we can’t view it

does this work now?

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I was a little too lazy to try to decipher the entire thing by listening (I’m bad at working out song lyrics even in English), but I made my best guess based on the file name and googled… I’m pretty sure that you got a file name that lacks all the dakuten. Here’s the song with (GameBoy-style slightly pixelated) lyrics:

Hope that helps, and that it isn’t too hard to read.


wow thank you so much

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No problem! I just figured it had to read センシティブワンダーガール (‘sensitive wonder girl’), so I tried my luck.


kinda feels embarassing now because i for year couldn’t figure it out but at least i got it now so thank you again you are my biggest savior


Don’t worry about it. Sometimes we just get certain ideas thanks to the things we’re used to. I watch VTubers quite a lot, so センシティブ and ガールズ are words I hear quite a bit (including in moments those streamers are just trying to pronounce English words). If I had spent my time on other Japanese content, I might not have considered those possibilities.

Either way, you’re very much welcome!


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