Some Japanese podcast recommendations

Hello everyone, about a month ago I lost the ability to see clearly and currently I’m slowly recovering from this condition. Since I wasn’t able to read Japanese books, I decided to concentrate on my listening skills. I enjoy listening to some English podcasts and I think they helped me to improve my English listening skills a lot, so trying some Japanese podcasts was an obvious thing to do.

Here is a list of podcasts I found. I wanted to do sort of a review for each, but I’m terrible with that and I think it’s just easier to listen to podcast than to read a review. So I divided them into a few categories which should give you a hint whether you’d be interested in them.

News podcasts

These can be hard. Only recommend them if you are already into news.

  • 飯田浩司のOK! Cozy up!

Tech podcasts

  • Rebuild
  • Takram Cast (the audio quality is not very good)

History podcasts

I personally don’t really like history, but enjoy listening to these ones.

  • "MOOK STUDY"日本の歴史
  • 主に日本の歴史のことを話すラジオ

Scripted podcasts

These are usually quite dense and harder to understand than talking ones

  • きくドラ (presenter is reading short versions of famous literary pieces)
  • yes!~明日へのお便り~ (short stories about interesting people)
  • だぶるばいせっぷす ~思想と哲学史 (extracts from philosophy books, transcripts of old episodes can be found here)

Comedy/Idle talk

These are probably the most easy to listen to.

  • ドングリFM
  • さくら通信 (my favorite one)
  • 都市伝説
  • トリカゴ放送
  • 便所のつぶやき (you can probably guess the level of jokes in this podcast from the name)

Girls podcasts

Girls seem to be underrepresented in podcasting, so these are podcasts with two female presenters.

  • ゆとりっ娘たちのたわごと
  • 日曜ラジオ|チャポンと行こう!

That’s all from me. Have a good day!


Thanks for these! I haven’t heard all of them, and I like to listen to Japanese podcasts while I work. :slight_smile:

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Found a new topic, maybe will be interesting for some people

Podcasts about video games

  • ゲームなんとか
  • 狭くて浅いやつら - not dedicated to games exclusively, they also talk about movies, anime and manga
  • Light Cube Gamers
  • がめがめ

I like video games, but my problem with these podcasts is that I play games on PC and they play games on consoles. Still they can be fun to listen to, especially 狭くて浅いやつら.

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