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1-across カンジョウ I should have picked up on that from the beginning. I was stuck thinking it was asking for a number but it’s listing them and talking more about “oh my god their are so many”

Isn’t that clue talking about soldiers?

If we assume 8-down is キジ then it seems to make the baseball clue of 8-across mean キュウジョウ(baseball stadium) but I wouldn’t know why.

Except weren’t we thinking that 15-down is ハル?

I was only assuming キジ because it works with キュウジョウ, not the other way around.

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ahh then that could make 3-across クジ

and it fits with 8-down being キジ

Then 3-down becomes クウチョウ (air conditioning)

I was thinking アキ, neither fits however if 1-across is カンジョウ but after re-reading the clue you see there is a ヨ at the end out of nowhere. Which would fit in the right space for カンジョウ.

Oh, nice. How did you even find that?

Gah. I was trying to find a word for aircon that fit there, but nothing was coming up.

As a way of coming at it from a different direction, the super secret magic word needs to be トシュクウケン, I’m pretty sure, which is a point in favour of カンジョウ. Also, カウチ fits for 38-down.

Honestly, I’m on the verge of peeking at the answers…

I’m there with you. lol

Okies, first peek: カンジョウ is correct for 1-across.

Suddenly wondering if maybe 1-down is カタナ, since (a) 刀 resembles 力, and (b) for some reason, the characters in the clue written in katakana read カタナ…

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Yea it’s something that resembles 力.
If we assume it’s 刀 then maybe it will help to figure out the others.

Nothing more here?

I took the book away with me on my work conference last week intending to have a good look over it, but wound up never actually touching it.

Poking through Google suggests that 2-across could be タイヨ, which also works with カタナ.

Gah, I just worked out the clue for 19-down. It’s the opposite of 18-across spelt backwards. Or in other words, ウチ.

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I don’t see how that would タイヨ - the clues are all things regarding a job; salary, raises, uniform, travel expenses. It looked up taiyo and it said loan.

Gah, I just worked out the clue for 19-down. It’s the opposite of 18-across spelt backwards. Or in other words, ウチ.

yea I had that already.

Note where the blank comes in the clue - it’s 制服ーー. 制服貸与 came up frequently in Google as a common job perk. As are the other things listed in the clue.

Oh, did you? I didn’t write that down. And it occurs to me I’ve not posted a filled-in grid at all.

Ahh gotcha. Yea they were all job perks. I didn’t realize it was filling in the term. Ok that works then.

Ok, here’s my grid as it currently appears. Let me know if there’s anything you thought we’d answered still blank.

Wondering if we’ve been working at this one long enough that I should just finish it off from the answers and move on to the next one.

Yup, that’s what I got. I say we agree that we have been defeated, get the answers, and start fresh from the next one.

Ok, here’s the remaining answers. Still, we got the secret magic word, so that counts as a win, in my mind. :stuck_out_tongue: Think the first think to do is to make sure we understand why those are the answers (though I reckon that for several of them, the only reason we didn’t get it was because there were about umpteen possibilities in the dictionary and we couldn’t narrow them down at all).

7-across appears to be someone’s name, only without the dakuten. Not sure how we were gonna get that.
11-down, I think I’d hypothesised 生醤油 as a possible answer, but I think that was only because it fitted the cross words, and I’m not clear as it how it fits the clue.
Don’t get 37-across or -down at all.
29 was pretty much what I expected, but there were several similar options so I wasn’t certain
I feel like 28-down is a theatrical technical term…
12-across, I am completely perplexed.

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ok onward and upward then!

Indeed. Have at it:

1-across タンテイ, yes?

20 down スン
20 across スパイ
27 down アライ

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