Kanji crosswords from the 産経新聞 (さんけいしんぶん)

Hi everyone. I really like the “Solving crosswords for fun and profit” thread, so I thought I’d drop a kanji crossword here and see if anyone bites. These crosswords are a little different from those posted in the other thread in that the answers for these crosswords are entered in kanji. Thus we can use existing kanji in the grid as hints to solve other clues. Given wanikani is a kanji learning website, I thought people might be interested in these.

This crossword comes from today’s (23/9) 産経新聞, or the Sankei Shinbun - the “Industrial and Economic Newspaper”. The Sankei is one of the five leading “national” newspapers in Japan. I believe the paper publishes a crossword every Sunday.

Anyway, let’s crack our heads together and let the kanji brain milk flow.

P.S - I hope the image is clear enough.


Whew, complex.

Actually, I almost bought a book of kanji crosswords when I was in Tokyo Station, but decided to pass on it. From memory, it may have been more of a fill-in-the-blank puzzle - it was a crossword-style grid, but instead of having clues, it was a bunch of loose kanji that you had to fit in. I think.

Anyway, let’s have a stab and see if I can work anything out. :slightly_smiling_face:

19-down 中華料理 (ちゅうかりょうり)
29-across 理論家 (りろんか)

22 down looks like 弱肉強食

That makes 30 across 乳児食(I guess)
Also 25 across 印肉

Hah. I just encountered that one in Leebo’s four-character expressions thread the other day. :slightly_smiling_face:

If this were an English crossword, I’d protest that for already having two-thirds of the answer in the clue. Does it work differently for Japanese crosswords?

I don’t think so actually :thinking: also 27 across looks like 大雑把 (maybe) and 把乳 makes no sense…
Is it okay to check the dictionary for this thread?

By the way, the one you found and 大雑把 makes 27 down 大家, which is indeed the opposite of 店子. So that means that the clue had 50% of the word, and the other 50% was in the clue next to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Just looked it up, and my dictionary lists 離乳食 and 育児食 for baby food. So I was probably remembering that word wrong :confused:
Anyway 大雑把 does not seem to fit any of those two either, so I can probably scratch 大雑把 as well :frowning:

3 across should be: 給料日 (きゅうりょうび = payday)
which makes 3 down: 給油 (きゅうゆ = refueling)
and 6 across: 潤滑油(じゅんかつゆ = lubricating oil)

Getting there.

I think 21 down is 心臓部, which makes 27 across 大部分 and agrees with 27 down 大家. And 分離 for 28 down. 政教分離 is “separation of church and state”.

Yes, it seems that these crosswords have little issue with presenting half the answer in the clue.


4 down is 日用品
So 8 across is probably 用水路 (my dictionary says 用水堀 also exists)

14 across is 自然 天然 (since the down definition is about flying) so that 5 down is ?路整然, I guess.Edit: gave in and checked Jisho: 理路整然

Oh, wait, the massive clue is that it’s 羽衣, so down is 天女

Then 17 across is 次女, down is 次作

Someone please tell me that the answer to 24-across is not 華麗…

Could be 華美 :thinking:
Someone please tell me 18 across isn’t 戦中 though.

Yes, 18 across is 戦中. Which makes 10 down 上陸作戦 (I got that from wiki-ing the D-Day Normandy landings and then looking at the 日本語 page: 敵地に、海から侵攻する軍事行動). That makes 12 across 陸奥 which is the name of a Japanese “province” and also the name of Japanese warship launched in 1921.

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@Belthazar here you go. The hint contained 100% of the answer :blush:


I think you’re right. 華麗なる変身 is the Japanese title of the 1970 American film The Christine Jorgensen Story. It seems to be a common phrase, given I get 2.2 million hits on google for 華麗なる. “A beautiful transformation” or the like.

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Yes, but then the hint is literally the word itself, just put in hiragana :stuck_out_tongue: That does feel unsatisfying.

Aye, my point exactly. Wonder what other answers I can cherry-pick straight out of the clue…

9-across 車上 ( = 車の中)
1-down 高飛車
1-across 高金利, which makes 2-down 利潤
16-across 自演 ( = 自ら + 演じる)

While I concur that 17-down should be 次作 ( = 次 + 作品), an argument against that is there don’t seem to be any words that fit the pattern ?新作 for 20-across

I mean, perhaps that’s just how kanji crosswords work - they need to be fairly obvious in order for only a single answer to be possible. For example, 15-across seems like it could be 不作, 駄作, 凶作, 愚作, 下作, 拙作…

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13 down is probably 独演会.

So for 20 across I’m shooting for 会心作. My dictionary says 会心の作, but I also get plenty of google results for 会心作. The colloquial wording of the clue might have something to do with it…




Well, considering that 17 down is 次作, there’s no room for hesitation :wink:
I mean, 13 down could be wrong, but still, everything matches pretty well that way.

26 across is 着色料
That makes 23 down 終着駅

11 across is 出品
11 down is 出走

The letters thus make the sentence (well, word, technically) 滑走路離着陸