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23-down ファン

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What do those words mean?

29-down いたい(?)


The answers are written into the crossword in katakana, but if you search for them like that in the dictionary, you probably won’t find them.

Answers are always nouns, I’m pretty sure. Ah, but イタミ allows 26-across to be カミガタ.

2-across is イッスン, because 一寸先は闇 is a saying in Japanese.
16-down thus has to be ラン - more specifically than both being flowers, both are orchids. :slightly_smiling_face:
16-across is ライフライン

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I had a sit-down to see what else I could hammer out, and wound up accidentally finishing the puzzle. I confess I don’t quite get the logic of one or two, but they fit, sooo…

In rough order of solving:

7-across デンキ
14-down キャンプ (and considering how much I love Yuru Camp, that should have sprung to mind sooner)
15-across ヤケイ (annoyingly, the fact that Hakodate is famous for it’s night views was mentioned in the Wikipedia article I was reading for research. Didn’t occur to me to check if Nagasaki was too)
20-down ケソウ
8-across ロープウェー
10-down セッケン (Still not entirely sure what “paper soap” is). This automatically makes 4-across クセ and 6-across ツケ, and honestly, I don’t understand either of them.
25-down クチベタ, which makes 19-across ルイベ and 22-across セタイ.
28-across ヤスネ, which makes 27-down ランシャ
And left until last because I can’t really see how it fits the clue at all, 37-down ミネラルウォーター

And so the secret magic word is プラス

And here’s the completed grid:

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well done.

Yea I don’t understand the reason behind several of those.

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13-down フユ
21-down ジュウ
34-across チカラ

5-across カエ (?)
6-across ウガイ
18-across サケ
24-across ケイグ
15-down アキ (?)
30-down シタ (?)
32-down フカ
35-down コウヨウ
40-down タイツ (?)

How’d you get 34-across and 21-down?
I’ve got a few questionable ones here. I don’t get some of the indicators they are using in the book. Like the long mid-space line, the long line with the dots, or just the dots. I assume they all mean something different.

The “long mid-space line”, if I’m understanding what you’re referring to, means it’s a common phrase or expression with a word missing.

Case in point, for 34-across 力仕事 and 力任せ are both expressions in the dictionary.

For 21 down, I’m reading it as “21 minus 11”. Which is 10. I could be mistaken on that point, though. Notice the ー is written immediately after the 21, unlike every other clue, which all have a space.

I’m impressed at your 6-across - don’t think I would have ever spotted that.

I think 32-down is ユウ. It’s academic grades: 不可 = F, 可 = C, 良 = B, and 優 = A

Your other other answers look pretty good too.

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1-down looks like it could also be チカラ

10-across ミケン
20-across チシ (?)
24-across カシコ (changed from ケイグ)
26-across チュウカ
27-across クウ
31-across タウエ
8-down will probably be one of the following イヌ、サル、キジ
14-down イケ

Nice, I like those. Good job with 27-across, too. I can completely see where you’re coming from with 20-across, but I wonder if that’s a bit too obvious…

I confess I’m not too sure of チカラ for 1-down - those are all emotions, aren’t they?

On closer inspection, I wonder if perhaps 15-down is ハル

39-down is エイカイワ, making 36-across ヨイ.
25-down is シチョウカク (which lends some credence to 20-across being チシ)
18-across is トソ
I’m gonna tentatively pencil in 16-down as トウキョウト, but that seems almost too obvious. That’d make 17-across キュウ, and I’m not entirely clear on why.
13-across is フヨウカゾク

8-across is undoubtedly a baseball term, but I’m not sure what. キュウジョウ, maybe, but not clear on why it’d be that in particular. Though, if it is キュウジョウ, then キジ would work for 8-down…

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1-across are emotions
1-down is talking about the shape of the kanji

33-down ゾウチョウ

Well I was thinking キュウ is correct because it’s the reading for 球

Aye, that was my thought also, but I’m not entirely sure I’d have thought of 球 from the clue.

I’m stumped. Have you come up with anything else?

I haven’t had a chance to look over it lately. I’ll see what I can manage in the morning.

33-down ゾウチョウ

I’m… really quite stuck on everything else. I have some thoughts on a few words, but nothing that I have any confidence in…

Yea I had ゾウチョウ already. But I’m pretty stuck as well.

I was thinking
37-down ヤク as in 薬
38-down カウチ(?)

Oh, so you did. My bad, I didn’t even see that post.

I’m thinking 4-across is チチュウ, which means 9-down could be チヨガミ. And I guess 5-across is ヨヨ - it’s another reading for だいだい. The clue for 3-across appears to be a technical term in Hinduism, so I wouldn’t even know where to start, but searching the dictionary for words that end with じ (if we assume 8-down is キジ) throws up 加持 (かじ) as an intriguing possibility. Got no idea what would fit in 3-down if so, though.

Not a huge fan of ヤク for 37-down, since that’d make 37-across ヤワ…

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