[Solved - 'til NOV] Firefox Stopped Plug-in Support - No more Greasemonkey? [Semi-Related]

So, I updated Firefox a few minutes ago, and now all of my lovely userscripts are gone - as Greasemonkey along with a whole other slew of plugins are no longer supported with Firefox 53.

Upon updating, Firefox gave me this link: https://www.fxsitecompat.com/en-CA/docs/2016/plug-in-support-has-been-dropped-other-than-flash/

… So, do any of you fantastic coders know any workarounds - other than switching to Chrome and Tampermonkey? I had everything all set up and synced as I liked it, and could hop between computers with Firefox and all my scripts.

And Stylish has disappeared too. (So I’m back to having my eyes bleached over here with too much WHITE on the Discourse standard settings.)

Help… please?


I have noticed Tampermonkey is in the list of addons when I search for Greasemonkey now, updated in August. It mentions being buggy since the change.
Also Violentmonkey updated Sept 3.

Anyone have experience with either/both on Firefox have a preference?

Wow, Firefox seems to have a definite death wish.

I only use Firefox for browser compatibility testing, but I just upgraded from v51 to v55. It actually required a few updates in a row to get to v55.

Anyway, GreaseMonkey is still working fine.
From what I’m reading in that article you posted, it sounds like they’ve only discontinued NPAPI plugins, which is the same thing Chrome did years ago. In fact, that change was done over a year ago in Firefox.

That being said, they ARE going to discontinue ‘legacy’ plugins in November 2017. New plugins will have to use their WebExtensions interface. I read that the GreaseMonkey developers aren’t very happy with the limitations of WebExtensions. They’ve been looking at TamperMonkey as a reference, since TamperMonkey is already a WebExtension.

So… I installed TamperMonkey. Seems to work fine with the half dozen scripts that I have installed… Ultimate Timeline, Dashboard Progress Plus, SRS Grid, Clean Dashboard, Self-study Quiz…

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Hmmm… Thanks for the info.

But yeah, for me, going from Version 52.something to 53… Greasemonkey and Stylish and 100% of my scripts all disappeared.
Only my browser theme remained. T_T

… I’m on Windows 7 at the moment. (And will NOT be updating Firefox on XP after this… for whatever random time my XP drive decides to let me run the OS without freezing… since it’s so rare…)


I did notice that the article was from last year…

But only now did I realize I looked in the wrong area - plugins - when I should’ve been looking at EXTENSIONS.

In any case, this did happen:

I can try to flip Greasemonkey and Stylish back on… and see how (if) they still function…

Interesting… I wonder why it disabled them. It didn’t do that on mine. But then again, I didn’t stop to test at v53 before jumping to v55.

Anyway, good luck! If all else fails, there’s still TamperMonkey. Honestly, I find TamperMonkey to be a lot more intuitive anway, though some people may not.



Yeah, I don’t know why it’s not recommending I switch to 55 (or 54 then 55)… Unless it’s merely because Win 7. *shrugs*

Time to give that a whirl… and hope all my userscripts are still installed.

Mine didn’t “offer” the update either. I went to Menu → “?” → About Firefox → Update to vXX

Yep, you just need to re-enable everything.

Weirdly, the same thing happened to me when I updated to v55 some weeks ago on my Win7 VM, but everything went smooth (nothing disabled) on my win10 (non-VM).

Oh yay!

They all exist. And Stylish is working too. Phew!

… Don’t know if any of my scripts are buggy yet in “legacy mode” of Greasemonkey, but I’ll assume not until I run into a problem. Hoorah!

Glad to hear it!. You’re good until November, then :wink:


This isn’t a VM, however it’s a unique setup… I’m dual-booting this computer, with Win 7 essentially shoved into a USB 1TB external drive. (And Windows 7 doesn’t want to be installed on any external media.)

Probably has nothing to do with this, though. More likely just a unique Win 7 hiccup.

Oh no…

And then…???

They said they’re turning off Legacy support in November.
So, either GreaseMonkey will have to have a new WebExtension complete by then, or you’ll need to switch to TamperMonkey or one of the other options.

… or don’t upgrade Firefox :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I thought. I hope Greasemonkey adapts.

I update for the bug (and sometimes security) fixes.

Specifically my last version apparently had a “you can’t upload to YouTube” bug. And… while I haven’t done anything with my channel for a while… I would like to be able to.

Yeah, must be some kind of W7 related bug. When it happened I just thought “hmmmmm…kay”, and didn’t even bother looking for why this happened.

By the way, it just occurred to me now, but… I’ll miss Rikaisama…

I haven’t been using that… Or any Rikai-kun/chan/etc. addons. I’ve been using a Jisho bookmarklet. (And I have 2-3 others, Weblio, goo, and ALC… but I never remember which of those three other ones I like. XD) I made one for Leo (German-English dictionary) too.

Oh, I see… I definitely use goo the most!

I really like how pitch accent info and audio files are readily available on Rikaisama. It saves me a visit to weblio, ojad and other resources.

Didn’t know Leo… Back when I used to study German (already forgot most of it… XP) I liked Beolingus