Scripts stopped working after firefox update

I have been using the ultimate timeline and self-study scripts with Greasemonkey on Firefox, but after the update today it doesn’t appear on my dashboard any more.

Has anyone else seen this issue or know what is causing it?

I checked that everything is enabled, and also tried disabling adblock but no luck.


Yes, as far as I know this applies to everyone using Greasemonkey&firefox. Theoretically you should have gotten an official notification by Greasemonkey when you started the new firefox version for the first time about the effects… to sum it up: you have to either switch to other versions like tampermonkey or the scripts you use need to be updated by the author…


Thanks JanaWolf, I don’t think I got the message!

here is the link with the official announcement:

then continue reading at the “Greasemonkey 4 for user” link

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Firefox has changed its addons framework and has completely switched to Web Extensions, just like chrome, opera and Edge. So legacy extensions won’t work anymore.

Since Greasemonkey is not a Web Extension so it won’t work now. You have to install some other extension which are supported by new firefox. Example extensions are:

Just install any one of these extenions and reinstall your scripts.


Oh, thanks for the info :ok_hand: . Yeah I knew that they were rewriting it, but didn’t know about breaking changes. Looks like a complete API refactoring, a lot of functions are renamed now.

Uh…Now we would need to have two script injection extensions, one for older scripts and one for newer. They could’ve atleast provided a wrapper for new API to and deprecated it for a proper cushion period.

So I ran into this today and switched to Tampermonkey. My scripts did all run with Tampermonkey, but then it seemed like the scripts (not a specific one, tried disabling them one by one) were slowing down the page to a crawl, and got a warning from firefox asking me if I wanted to close the page. Anyone else have this happen to them?

Damn. I have to try Tampermonkey.

This is why I will no longer be using Firefox. The whole point of using FF over Chrome is the greater power in its extensions, and FF is seriously handicapping that in 57+. I switched to Waterfox, a version of FF that will keep the old extension support. I know it’s probably not a permanent solution, but it lets me continue using all of my extensions (some of which have no replacements and are not going to be updated). I mean, without full extension support, FF is simply “slow Chrome”.

Nah, everything is f*d up. The reviews won’t let me move forward to the next item with my scripts on with Tampermonkey.

Yeah I am basically having the same problem, with the addition that it’s freezing the tab (or something). Anyone else having more luck?

I guess some scripts were not working together. I was using mistake delay and double-check together, but then tried taking off mistake delay and it works fine now :open_mouth: Before I’ve had them together, though.

I installed violentmonkey today, reinstalled the scripts, everything is working fine.

this new firefox is very fast. good stuff.


I am now using new FF with Tampermonkey and it seems fine. Not had slow page loading yet - maybe this is a specific script/combination of scripts or another extension interfering?

I was speaking about the whole extensions philosophy more broadly, not about a specific script. I have some extensions I rely on very heavily that will never be updated and have no good equivalents, and I dislike the limitations 57+ places on what extensions are allowed to do.

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That’s so stupid form FF to get rid of what was one of their (few) strengths…
Trying to use violentmoney, I’ll say to you later…

What in the world? Breaking changes in Greasemonkey!? Time to update Jitai, I suppose…

It looks like the asynchronicity is causing problems…? Suddenly, jQuery isn’t defined at runtime. Some weird stuff is going on for sure.

Maybe you see it as a step backward but in reality, the old XUL extensions were not compatible with multithread and it was impossible to make them compatible without breaking compatibility.

This is a necessary step for firefox so it becomes able to use CPU/OS technologies that were made available for the last twenty years.


I’m seeing some seriously weird behavior here. jQuery isn’t defined at runtime, but if you do something similar to window.addEventListener('load', ...), the script just freezes as soon as you try to access $. I’d say Greasemonkey is broken!

did you take a look at this: Third-Party Libraries - GreaseSpot Wiki