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Hi all,

I was recently turned on to a set of user scripts that allows you to self test and shows your SRS progress within the levels. I installed the firefox greasemonkey and the scrips but nothing seems to change on the dashboard. I’ve never used user scripts before. Is there anything else I need to do besides enable?

Many require your API key. It’s up to developer how they ask you for it. Mine have settings up under the menu in the top right of dashboard where you can enter them. Though they should prompt you if they’re missing. Most others usually prompt as well.

Wasn’t greasemonkey that stopped working on firefox or something? Not sure.

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Now that you mention it, I believe there was talk of that on here. No idea what the fix was, but there was one. I use Chrome myself.

@Joby05 read this.


Nice! I just got tapermonkey and it seems to be working. Thanks for the quick responses!


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