Show off your notes!

I bet you guys have some awesome reading/meaning notes.
Lets see em!
Myself I’m totally anal about radicals-- I need to say where it comes from, its variants, its phonetic value… here’s a taste of my notes:

@ pelican

示: (礻) katakana “ne” ネ from left radical form 礻 礻 - Wiktionary of radical 113 “spirit” 示 (⺬)示 - Wiktionary
衣 (衤): Also supposedly represents (based on visual similarity alone) left radical form 衤of 衤 - Wiktionary of radical 145 “clothes” 衣衣 - Wiktionary This distinction reflects on the actual meaning of the kanji!

@ old
actually not a radical, but a kanji 古 (radical 30 口+2, 5 strokes) and component
with Onyomi phonetic value: コ (ko), doesn’t take the reading when on the bottom

not to be confused with Kangxi radical #125, 老 (“old”). component form ⺹

@ beggar

not a radical or unicode
when barless, represents 一+勹
when barless w/ line above is 二 +勹 is simplification of 與!
with bar 与 “bestow, give” (一 +勹 +卜)
not related to 極 extreme (where the apparent element is some strokes) 拷 torture (where it’s 老)

@ lip ring

Not a radical (radical 30 口+2), but a component with phonetic value! 可 Kanji Detail - Kanshudo
Common onyomi is か ! 奇 also has an onyomi phonetic value, き (may be voiced)
all take either on except 阿 because stupidly it’s “active” radical is 170 170. The "Left Hill" Radical: 阜 and 阝 | Joy o' Kanji (阜+5), with phonetic value あ

I don’t have any notes to show, but you reminded me that I should probably do that. There are so many similar-looking kanji and radicals that I end up just brute forcing my way through them in frustration instead of the taking them time to learn the differences and taking notes. Some of the mnemonics don’t do it for me so making up my own would be helpful as well. I’ll see about posting some if I have any after my reviews today.

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This is a great script [No Longer Working] WaniKani Lesson User Synonyms that allows you to make notes on items you haven’t unlocked. However it’s not working for me for some reason… I get the error “Error adding note. Retry?” :confused:

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