Radicals full of romaji and i can't see hiragana

Fix fast. Fix fast. Fix fast. Fix fast. Fix fast.

I’m sorry, what do you mean by kanji section?

This is what it should look like.
If it’s in romaji, maybe your computer is set to automatically translate websites?


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This is stupid, why i need lessons to learn paticles without their kana ? kanji lessons locked ? deleting account


hello, i’m starting the lessons and the particles are described it romanji below them, i would like to know the hiragana reading and of the words they partake of, if you could tell me when this wil be i would appreaciate

I’m seeing hiragana here… can you send a screenshot?

the lesson slides doesn’t tell me the hiragana i need to know also of the words the kanji alters it’s sound of.

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Are you by chance still on the radicals? Radicals don’t have readings - kanji have readings.

You’ll unlock the kanji soon (if you want)… don’t worry! :wink:


I was confused at first too but the radicals (the ones with blue backrounds) don’t have any verbal reading :slight_smile: they’re just to help you memorize!


I assume that by particles you are referring to the radicals?

The pink one is the kanji, with both the meaning and reading listed. The black boxes (though they should be blue for you) are radicals, which are not actually Japanese characters but the building blocks that makeup kanji. If you look at the kanji in the pink box, you should see how the radicals fit to make up that kanji. The staff assigns names to them in English so you remember them. They do not have Japanese readings.

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