(SOLVED) How do I use Gravatar to change avatar on WaniKani? (SOLVED)

In the WaniKani profile settings it says " You can manage your profile avatar with Gravatar.", but I don’t know how to use that service. Any instructions would be useful, thanks!

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Basically, just create an account there with the same e-mail address that you used to register here, and it’ll magically update your avatar here.


It is super easy. If you follow the Gravatar link there will be a button “Create your own Gravatar”. You click on it. There will be a page for creating your account. You do it. You log-in and you will be presented with instructions.


FYI - you don’t have to use Gravatar to change your avatar.

Click on your current avatar here in the forum, then in the dropdown menu, click on your username. Select Preferences. Your screen should then show something like this:

Click on the pencil to edit your profile pic - your screen should then look similar to this:

Select Custom picture at the bottom, follow instructions, then save.


Why doesn’t it show my new picture on regular (not the forums) WaniKani?

You also have to define it in the regular site settings. Maybe you didn’t do this.

The custom PFP is only for the forums. If you want an avatar on the dashboard, you’ll have to use gravatar.
First, go to “Profile” settings from your dashboard.

Next, click on the “Gravatar” link.

From there, click on the “Create” button.

You’ll have to create a separate account with Wordpress when you click that button.

Then, you’ll click on “Add a new image”. (You shouldn’t see any thumbnails already there like I have on my account.)

It will give you a series of prompts to upload your avatar and ask you to put some stuff in. Once that’s done, you should see your avatar on the dashboard! (You might have to log out and back in first.)
To get the same avatar in the forums, just select “gravatar” from the “change your profile picture” settings pane (someone posted a screenshot above)

Hope this helps :smile:


Well, that seemed to have worked, thanks!


happy to help! :)

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(I’ve been un-solutioned! :sob:)


If it makes you happy, I finally made you the solution once again… :upside_down_face:


b-but now i’m not the solution…
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Hiiiii folks. I am having a problem getting my gravatar to show on WK (the app, not the forums).

Any advice? I have it set up on Gravatar with the same email address I log in to WK with, but it still doesn’t show. Just shows the little gray durtle.

It is the same one I have here on the forums (as I have the forums set to use my Gravitar, and that worked)

Yes, it’s definitely the same email address. I’ve double checked.

I’ve also cleared my cache and have waited like an hour since I changed it. Logged out and back in.

My email address I use to sign into WK now is not the original one I signed up with (and I don’t have that email address anymore). Does that matter for which gravatar account your WK profile pulls from?

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