Profile photo disappeared when i signed up for lifetime?

And now it wants me to use something i don’t understand to create my avatar i’m so confused :sob:

ETA: looks like my avatar is still active here, just not on my dashboard?


Hi, I’m fairly new to Wanikani but from what I’ve seen, the forums and dashboard have two different avatars.

For the dashboard, you make a gravatar account using the link that it gives (make it with the same email address that you used for your wanikani account) then set your profile picture on Gravatar. After a few minutes-an hour it should show up on the dashboard now.

A few sites use Gravatar, so if you have accounts on other sites (and set it to do so) it will change it on all of the sites any time you change it on Gravatar, it’s meant to be a service where you can just have a single site where you change your profile picture and it changes everywhere.


It’s also possible to just upload any pic you want from your computer (and not use Gravatar). Just go to your profile preferences here on the Forum. :slight_smile: Though, you will need to use Gravatar to change the Dashboard avatar.

I just ignore that one, as it’s just not used for anything in particular. :woman_shrugging:


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