WaniKani app and profile picture :)

I was just wondering, how I change my profile picture on WaniKani?
Also I have the app for WaniKani, but it is taking a while for it to load, is this common? I hope it can become fixed, because the app is useful for when I am out of the house. :smile:

Hi there!

There is no official app for WaniKani, but there are several written by third parties, so you will have to be more specific about which app you’re talking about and someone ca probably point you to the person who wrote it.

The avatar is done through gravitar.com

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You can also add/change your forum profile picture directly through the menu at the top right of the forum home page. Click your username to get into your profile, then go to your preferences and scroll down.

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Thankyou :grinning: It is probably easier to stick to the desktop version of WaniKani.
I downloaded the wanikani app from the apple app store, the app is called “WaniKani”, the developer is Andrew Kharchyshyn :blush:
Thanks again for the help and the link to gravitar :smile:

Thankyou :smiley:

I use an app called AlliCrab on my iPhone and it seems to work pretty smoothly. Maybe try that one and see if it works better? :slight_smile: I’ve never used the other one.


Thankyou! I have given this a try and it has worked :smile:

I use AlliCrab on my iPad and love it, also the author is here -

  • and is working hard to keep it up to date.

Thankyou for the link, this is very useful :smiley:

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