[solved] Have to Login every time I sign into Website

I’m using WaniKani across three different computers (all Chrome because those scripts are AWESOME), but on each one I have to authenticate each time (login/password is saved though) from the landing page when I open a new browser session. It is a minor annoyance and was wondering does anyone have WaniKani going straight to the dashboard?
What am I doing wrong?

The login/pw is saved from pw auto-fill

Is your cache or cookies off?
It probably deletes when you close the browser making you log in again.

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It’s weird, even after I disabled the “Keep local data only until you quit your browser”, the problem still persisted. And I had been allowing “Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)”

I did, however resolve it by adding a manual entry for https://[*.]www.wanikani.com.

Thanks for the response, gave me the right direction to investigate.
Crisis averted! First-world problems and all that.


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