"Already signed in"

Regarding the recurring message at the top of my page whenever I open Wanikani:

Yes, I know I’m already signed in. I know I’m already signed in because I, well, signed in. So having signed in, I remain signed in so that implies (or does it infer?) that I’m already signed in. Whichever is correct, I’m already signed in. So when I see on the top of my Wanikani page every single time that I am “already signed in” it’s good to know that some catastrophe has not occured, some demon or perhaps Godzilla, has not in fact, snuck into my room when I wasn’t looking and signed me off of Wanikani, heaven forbid.

No, I do in fact, beyond any shadow of a doubt remain, inexorably and perhaps permanently, “aready signed in”.

But if I should have any doubts whether or not I am signed in, all I have to do, is look at the top of the page, and there I will see for my satisfaction the comforting message:

You are already signed in

sblevine :grinning:


Mine’s not telling me I’m already signed in. How do I know if I’m signed in or not, then?

In all seriousness, though, I get a message saying “Signed in successfully” immediately after I sign in, but that disappears whenever I load a different page. Maybe it’s a plugin thing? Or a browser thing?

It’s always there when you open a new Wanikani tab.

You know you’re logged in if you are seeing the dashboard.

No, I’m not getting that. Maybe your browser is trying to re-submit your credentials every time you load the page?

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What’s the url you go to, or that you have saved?

It’s probably wanikani.com/login.

That’s why it’s telling you you’re already logged in.


Oh, yes. That tells me I’m already logged in.

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Thanks. I changed the bookmark to leave off the “login”


You’re welcome.

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