Does anyone else get intimidated after finishing a level and having like 50+ lessons?

I don’t even mind it that much but its just a thing I’ve noticed is that after completing a level you get hit with a bunch of lessons and its like “ahhh I’m still trying to make sure I know all that vocab yo!” Though at the same time it does feel pretty awesome when you move up a level. :smirk_cat:


No. There is nothing wrong with letting your lessons sit there for a while.
I currently have a pile of 69 lessons, and I don’t worry about them for now.


I have 140 lessons waiting for a month now, leveling up after 30+ nets you with over 100 most of the time. It definitely is a lot of work, but you can choose to procrastinate like I do

It can seem like a lot, but if you have a method to deal with it then it’s ok once you get going. I try to stick to having no more than 150 Apprentice items, and doing lessons in batches of 10 two or three times a day (as long as that doesn’t mean exceeding my Apprentice item limit), and that way it takes care of itself.

WK uses gamification to learn kanji. So it’s like when you level up, Mario has a bunch of new goombas and piranha plants to deal with. And the hammer brothers… oh the hammer brothers. They’re gonna kill you!


You will get used to it. Mine is always 100+ lessons after finishing a level.

Funny you should mention that. I just finished my reviews and it must have leveled me. Now I’m 9! That level only took me 678 days! And now I have 67 lessons to do. :-/

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Nope, I just did 145 lessons in a sitting yesterday, no reason to be afraid

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I used to but then I embraced the reorder script, now it feels a little less daunting. I do my radicals and kanji, and then start chipping away on my lessons while I wait for reviews in the following days.

Same as @cissymon here. I use the reorder script to learn first the radicals and kanji, then the vocab by batches of 20+ a day, depending of the time I have. But, I don’t let myself learn the radicals of the next level before I have learned all the vocabulary. If not, and I did it once, I skip the vocabulary and it’s… bad. And doing the vocab really help me to remember the readings of the kanji, even those I thought I knew very well.

I use Real Number script, to prevent it from being 42+ lessons. I don’t do all in one setting.

This :arrow_up:

[quote=“Amejanai, post:7, topic:18335”]
That level only took me 678 days![/quote]
Just made me feel so much better about some of my 120+ day levels. Thanks :bow:

You will find a strategy which works for you. Remember this is not a race against others. You are only competing with yourself, if you are competing at all.

I am less interested in the level number and more interested in the number of items I have in each queue. Only take lessons when you feel comfortable. There is no expectation to do them immediately.

I didn’t had as much lessons (can’t by prem, sadly), but if I get 15+ lessons I do only 10 and leave 5 for next day. If I get like 30-40 lessons I can do 15, but its max. Don’t try to do many lessons in 1 day, you will be more likely to forget half of them!

Another thing you can do is install the Ultimate reorder script. During lessons, I like to do all the vocabulary (purple) items ahead of anything else (radicals and kanji). The vocabulary is what I will be reading in the real world. The vocabulary also reinforces the kanji I have moved into guru. The extra reviewing on the gurued kanji helps me to remember it for the one week / two week reviews. It doesn’t always happen though.

Since I take so long per level, I generally push kanji to the front of the queue when I’m getting close to leveling. The guru’d knaji end up putting more vocab into the queue, so it makes kanji less likely to appear when I do lessons. It means I end up with a slight backlog of vocab each time I level up… I can’t remember the last time I had less than 50 lessons pending!

Sometimes I wish I could pause my progress before going onto the next level to clear things down. :smiley:

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