I just leveled up from 3 to 4. Why did I get 72 new lessons all at once?

Even when leveling up it seems like I only get 10-20 new lessons to start. What gives? Thank you!


In the first levels, you won’t get as many new lessons when leveling up, but later on, you’ll pretty much always get 100+ new lesson :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely sure, but I think it was level 4 or 5 when you start getting greeted with 100+ new lessons when getting to a new level :thinking:


Oh wow, I had no idea. Thank you!

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No problem :slight_smile: Always feel free to ask if you have a question!

Vocab reviews can also pile on top of each other. When you level up, you also guru a bunch of kanji so you unlock a bunch of vocab from that. But also some vocab is unlocked just by leveling up. So if you do all your kanji all at once and then guru them all at once when you level up, you’ll have a massive lesson spike. I’ve been using the lesson picker to intersperse my kanji lessons with vocab lessons (so like 7 vocab items for each 3 kanji items for example). It helps me to disperse vocab more evenly and avoid these spikes.


No, that’s not quite correct.

You level up by getting 90% of kanji from that level to guru.

I assume you’re using default WK so when you do your lessons, you’ll do big chunks of kanji lessons in a row

So what will have happened is during the review session you leveled up, you’ll have guru’d a several kanji in one go.

Each of those kanji has several vocab lessons attached to it so it releases a load of lessons in one go.

I say it’s not quite correct because I reorder my lessons so only ever do 3 kanji max per batch so even assuming a 100% accuracy rate, my level up review session only ever has 3 kani going to guru so I get maybe 50-60 lessons unlocked when I level up


Ah yeah, I forgot, it depends on how many kanji lessons you do at a time. If you slowly guru them, then, of course, you’ll have less lessons when leveling up. I personally always have 100+ bc I go at max speed, which means I’ll unlock the lessons that I get from the kanji that I need the radicals for always at the same time in addition to the ones I already get from the next level in advance.

Still, you get more lessons in levels 4, 5 etc. than in the first three :slight_smile:

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Oh my sweet summer child
Your suffering has just begun lol :hugs:

EDIT : if you feel overwhelmed, you can decrease the number of lessons you do everyday
Please be gentle on yourself <3
I really hope you won’t get burned out!


As for some advice, don’t feel pressured to do all lessons at once. Take your time to digest the lessons at your rhythm. It is way more important to be at 0 reviews than to be at 0 lessons and pilling reviews. Prioritize having 0 reviews for maximum efficiency.


Ha! Does it get higher from here? What am I missing out on

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Love and feel this :sweat_smile::joy:

I reset from level 22 because I let my review pile get away from me.

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Yup you get more vocabulary, especially when you level up :slight_smile:

The number of kanji will slightly increase, and kanji will get more and more radicals, so you might start to confuse some of them

You will also get leeches unless you use scripts to skip them, and you will have to review your master and enlightened from time to time, which will also increase you number of reviews :slight_smile:

Yesterday was a busy day for me (around 140 reviews since I began burning items), but my average number of reviews would be 70-100

And I am NOT going full speed, I level up every 13 days so I think I’m average

That‘s why it‘s important to find a rythm that works for you, lots of people give up before reaching level 10

As for me, I never have over 120 apprentice, and if I go on vacation, I stop doing new lessons a few days before

Having a routine also helps, for example if you commute for work, it’s a good time to do your reviews

In short: it‘s not a sprint, it‘s a marathon :running_man:


Just for reference:

I go at full speed, and I have just recently started enlightening items (not even burning), and I already have around 130 reviews every single day. On Saturdays, I often have 300+ reviews, on Wednesdays, usually 200+ reviews.

So, I would advice you to choose your pace carefully, @_mako :slight_smile: Going at full speed will require a lot of time and work.


Honestly full speed sounds like hell to me haha
Hats off to those who chose this path and don‘t get burned out, but it‘s not for everyone

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Get used to it, as it doesn’t really matter how much lesson you have pending, but rather how much you can do on a daily basis. Not counting your accuracy, or how often you do reviews, this is basically the only variable behind how fast you get new levels.