How long to level up check

hello there folks. can anyone tell me if therr is way to check how long it takes you to level up? feels like ages, im on level 4 at the mo. cheers.

You can go to the stat website

Max speed is 6days 20h for “long” levels and 3days 10h for the short ones.

I think level 26 is short. Then 46, 47? and everything above 50.
Otherwise levels are long.

EDIT:@Vanilla keep writing things and it’s making me nervous

EDIT EDIT: oh, nah, I was fine.


You can check how long you have been on your level using this site

Fastest level up time is 7 days (as far as it will concern you for the foreseeable future). You need 100% radicals guru’d and 90% kanji. You can use this script to see what items still arent guru and how long until they are (next review date)

EDIT: @Nath the fastest level up time doesn’t really tell him how long he has left tho. Could be 10, 12, or even 30 days on this level until this guy can level up.

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I just checked my stats on the wkstats website for the first time about two weeks ago, I really recommend it. It helped me to realize just how slow I was being :smiley:
Since then I’ve upped my reviews to average twice a day every day, instead of my previous once a day most days. Not only are my reviews much shorter (since I’m splitting them up to twice a day) but I’m leveling up much faster. My most recent level I did in 14 days, so I’m pretty proud of myself :slight_smile:
It’s nowhere near max level up speed, but essentially as long as you’re doing all reviews whenever you notice you have reviews, and all lessons as soon as they’re available, I’d say 14 days isn’t unreasonable.

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Fair enough.
I didn’t know about that script.

The stats website is usually fine for me to figure out how much I have left.

About max speed, OP, I also recommend reading the nice walk-through of @jprspereira to get near that without too much trouble. (I am tagging him so that he can put the link himself, I don’t remember where it is on the forum, and since the thread explaining how to search was closed, I am having troubles finding things).

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Yeah, I just say so because it doesn’t look like OP is max speeding based on his start date, unless he had a slow first two levels for some reason.

But yeah, OP, if you are tryna max speed, just educate yourself on what it will be like later down the line first. Its very possible, as a lot of people do it, but you just gotta make sure you’ll be able to handle it down the line.

Also educate yourself on why this may not be the best option.


Here :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if OP wants to go full speed. At first, my text might seem more focused on doing exactly that, but it’s more about teaching people how to increase their learning efficiency and go on their own full speed, not WK’s one.

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Yes, that’s what I was trying to go for.
I’m trying to reply fast to reduce my time on the forum compared to my time working.
(I’m kinda failing on both fronts of accuracy and achieving the stated goal).

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Currently educating self thanks to the nice links the next user posted :slight_smile:

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Jpr? Yeah, hes actually helpful.

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What everybody forgot to mention was that levels 1 and 2 have shorter srs intervals, so that might be why you feel the current speed to be slow. Don’t worry, if you do your reviews daily and do lessons regularly, it will pick up soon.

ye but level 3 is normal and hes level 4. I didnt forget that, I just thought that if that was the case he would have made this at lv 3

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