Levels 6-10 the most difficult ones?

You cannot trust this guy. He made a joke. Or maybe he meant the phychological aspect of hitting the first wall. I think there are multiple walls when you climb the levels, so you just take it slow (or fast or however you can), and just keep progressing no matter what. Or quit.

Of course both kanji and their English meanings become more complex, the amount of reviews grows, the amount of mistakes grows. On the other hand, you are getting better and better at this memory training, and also start getting benefits of kanji learning.

I would not use words “excruciatingly hard” to describe WK. WK basically holds your hand along the way, everything is pre-arranged, leveling up is straigh-forward, the end goal is crystal clear. I feel that learning grammar and getting into reading is more difficult, with unlimited number of words and grammar points and colloquialisms and dialects and whatnot.


Ehh well I hope those were the tougher ones. I’m almost done with level 12 stuff and I feel like there’s a long way to go. :slight_smile: By the way, they kinda lied about you starting to burn things. It takes like half a year before you burn anything; level is not the significant factor to that… it’s time.


No, you are diving into madness. Things will get more and more difficult. Things will not make much sense anymore. Kanji combination will be more abstract and make less sense into reading and meaning.

Welcome to Hell :hugs:


I felt there was a step up in difficulty at level 7 and then another at level 14. It seems to have leveled off there wherein items like to churn a bit before burning. I just rate limit my lessons to keep daily reviews manageable. It’s slow, but like getting older, it’s better than the alternative.


I don’t remember level 6-10 as being hard at all. I do remember a couple of levels in Death and Hell as being a struggle however.

But at that point, you should have found a comfortable study pace for yourself and a routine for reviewing each day that pushes you on.

I guess, at level 6 you’re still trying to figure things out. So that might be a struggle in and of itself if you have been going too fast for example. :eyes: And you’re just now realizing the effects of doing too many lessons at once as Master items are also coming back to you for review.

WK is about finding balance. Everyone has a different life, with IRL struggles, and you have to find a way to fit WK into all of that, that makes studying Japanese enjoyable for you. There is no one-size fits all.

But once you’ve found that formula of what works for YOU, then WK gets increasingly easy to follow - all the way to lv 60 as long as you’re willing to just keep on doing lessons and reviews on a daily basis.


Probably around level level 12 or so was the most difficult. I had studied kanjo previously before wanikani so I coasted and reviewed for the first little bit.

Please record you slowest lecel so far in the slowest level thread.

I’m curious


For me I’d say starting to burn items is where it gets more difficult, since you have to recall items you may not have used at all in months. For me that was around lvl 15 I believe. Now I’m used to it so I’d say whenever you start burning items is when things start to get difficult just because you have to adjust to remembering those items that don’t show up often in vocab


its incredibly subjective but for me I remember the general zone of 10-15 to be the hardest. I think it was just because there was so much to do and I wasn’t fully familiar with how kanji really worked yet. I think around mid 20s is when it starts to suddenly get a lot easier to remember kanji, even as their meanings and associated vocabulary start become more abstract. You start just getting a head for it and can memorize them almost instantly without over dependence on the mnemonic.
The only annoying thing now is when a kanji comes up for a burn and you know the general concept of what it expresses but can’t remember the specific english word wk has assigned to it.


I disagree. I do agree with what a lot of others have said though. After level 10 you have figured out how SRS works. You know when to expect big workloads, you have an idea of how much you can personally handle, your own study habits are a bit more set. However, for me at least the work load continued to speed up until level…17 or 18. That was definitely my hardest point and also when I took a break from doing new lessons. Getting hundreds a day becomes very hard to keep up with if you have a busy schedule.

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I don‘t think levels 6-10 are particularly hard, but this is probably the phase where you need to transition from motivation to discipline. I don‘t think anyone is completely enthusiastic about learning kanji all the way from level 1 to level 60, and now you come to the point where you‘ll (hopefully) build a good habit of doing WaniKani, no matter if you‘re 100% feeling it or not


I realized around level 10 that this is not a fun mobile game on the side, but actual work.


You’ll be adding master->enlightened reviews around then, so the workload does increase. There’s a hike in difficulty around lvl 8-9, but once you get accustomed to it, it’ll be fine. You’ll encounter more difficulty hikes here and there. The ‘Pffftt this is hard’ feeling comes back a couple of times, while nothing seems to get impossibly difficult, probably because you just get better at it…


No, that was a blatant lie. The most difficult levels are 50+ because of the content itself. The words are weird and niche, the mnemonics are bad, and overall you’re exhausted and want to get to lvl 60 asap. Plus, these are also fast levels, so some people are rushing through them. All in all, those felt like the most difficult and the least rewarding levels.

But levels 6-10 are probably the levels most users drop out. Not because those are difficult but because most people aren’t that motivated to stay for the long term.


what levels are hardest is going to be a very individual thing. what one can say ist that level 5 has the most lessons, and that they stay high until about level 13. level 14 has a massive drop in the number of radicals, which makes it easier to go fast (because of maths). so if you’re taking speed and number of lessons as a stand-in for how hard levels are, it (statistically) gets easier then.

personally, i did find it got easier, but at the same time my workload has been slowly but steadily increasing. 200+ reviews a day is normal now, where at level 10 it was more like 150. and first burns are incoming next week :wink:


I feel like every level is difficult :sweat_smile:
Maybe because level 6-10 is the most dropout rate, so they are rated as the most difficult?

include nelson from the simpsons here


not even close.

By what I understand about difficult in WK is how bad mnemonics become and you have to create your own. For me levels 17 to 19 was a pain

I’m just a beginner and I already feel like some of the mnemonics just don’t work for me and thinking up my own really helped a whole lot


There is a huge gap in quality mnemonics in early levels, which got me very very interested in WK as soon as I started in it and because I always remembered them on reviews.

But then I dont know, the civilian who wrote the later mnemonics just did a table flip (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ and that’s what we have now.

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I suspect they’ve spent a lot more time revising earlier mnemonics because it affects a much larger amount of their customers. In other words, later mnemonics are probably just mnemonics that have had fewer revisions since they were first written. Because of that, I wouldn’t say they were lazy with the later mnemonics, they just have been much more diligent with the earlier ones because they have to allocate their limited time to what’s more important.

If you think a mnemonic could be improved, try sending them an e-mail indicating which mnemonic you think is not good. I have done so myself.


Well if your universe of exp is only as large as Level 10… then I suppose it could feel that way…

Found some increase in steepness of path at 11-20… but felt like genuine work thru Death and Hell. Paradise felt like a respite but oddly the workload wasn’t any less (still plenty of opportunity to pick up leeches)… and Reality, as mentioned above… is a surreal last two miles on foot in the jungle, before dawn :sweat_smile: