App to Delay Question Slightly ...?

I’ve searched for “skip” but it seems to return requests to skip words (or levels!) entirely.

What I’m hoping for is: my morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. I’m staring at a Kanji review. I know I know it. I can’t think of it. I don’t want to answer it incorrectly, because … consequences. But I have 200 reviews to get through. I just want to skip it for now, start in on some of the other questions, and when I get to the end and I’m back in my Japanese mindset, I bet the right answer will pop into my head.

(Now, I just type in the wrong answer, and if I feel I “would have guessed it eventually” I use the 3rd-party ignore button. But I’d rather know for real … just later in the session!)

Has anyone done anything like this? A “push to back of reviews” button?

Thought of it as well, many, many times. But… Is it really worth it ? It’s hard to mark it wrong but the point here is to memorise the kanji and the vocab to be able to use it somewhere else. Of course, if your main goal is to be able to read just like me, remembering quickly a kanji is not really necessary. However, it will help you read with more fluency.
Maybe you should reconsider it this way… But when you get below 80% with this method, it will still hurt :stuck_out_tongue: (mostly when you have them at the tip of your tongue).
Still, not doing this for current level kanjis, but… Well… That’s different :shushing_face:

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Two ways:

  1. No Userscript way: you can change the order by refreshing the page (I do it too when I don’t want to answer a particular kanji/vocab review just yet). Type F5 on the keyboard if you are on a computer. Obviously if there are like 10 reviews total, the one you are skipping may shift just by one position (i.e. be the next review), F5 again. If there are 200, the probability should be low. [I think the order is really random ]
  2. Reorder script (I suggest Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2): If you see an item you don’t want, depending on its type and on the type of the other reviews, you can change the level, change the type or sometimes just force reorder to temporarily skip it.

I’m not enough of an hypocrite to tell you that it’s bad since I do it myself. But obviously, in the real world you can’t skip a line and get back on it later [You’ll never get back]. You either know it or you don’t…
Then again, we are still learning, I don think there’s any need to be that strict. Which is why I do it.

There was a thread started today about this. ‘Hold’…‘delay’, sounds the same to me :man_shrugging:


wrong answers are part of SRS. if you cannot answer it quick enough, you should review that item more often.

To each their own on this. I don’t believe an SRS is an excuse to just get something wrong because you didn’t get it in “a couple of seconds”. Some people cement the information when they think on it, and finally get it right. That’s worked for me a lot. It will all come together when you start consuming native material anyway.


Of course it is up to you.
I mean, if you cannot recognize and remember the item fast enough, you should think on it and revise the mnemonics. On next round, test it again and and again.

Not necessarily a problem, but something to consider: delaying your answer (perhaps with the refresh button), might result in you getting a hint towards the right answer within the same review session. For example, getting prompted for reading, instead of meaning for the same item, or getting prompted for a vocab item that uses the same kanji. Probably not a problem per se.

I’d second that request for a button to temporarily skip/move the item a bit further back as I really like that feature on Torii. Sometimes I know that I know this item but I just got a plank in front of my head (“Brett vorm Kopf” as we say in Germany) right then. Having to remember that item right in that moment with a lot of others pending, just puts stress on me and blocks my brain further.

I got words in my mothertongue that I sometimes forget and can only think of the english one right at that moment. So I don’t really see why you’d have to be so strickt here. But that’s personal opinion/learning preference I guess.

Wouldn’t that somehow equal getting exposed to the item by RL immersion? You could read some text and later do your normal SRS and in the quiz a vocab/kanji pops up that you just had in your text.
I’d think linking the kanji and that vocab together like that within the SRS would actually help remembering both better. I sometimes can’t quite remember an on’yomi for a kanji but I probably remember a word that contains that kanji. Therefore I (mostly) also know the reading that’s getting quizzed. That’s what the vocab’s here for anyway.