Put wrong answers at back of review

I stopped using wanikani for half a year and forgot a lot, but also remember a lot. Problem is, it’s taking a long time to get through my reviews because I keep tripping up over the same 10 problem kanji and vocabulary over and over. I’ll end up with 15 reviews done with 10% accuracy in 30 minutes because I’ll get stuck with the same kanji cycling over and over getting the wrong answers and losing motivation. I’m really struggling a lot with numbers, counters, and remembering when to use the onyomi or kunyomi readings for which counter, and there’s a lot of them.

If there is a way to have these problem kanji pushed to the back of the review, I could probably clear out at least a hundred of the rest and have everything go back on a proper SRS schedule. Is there a way to do this?

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This might help you revise your counters.

There’s a skip button in tsurukame if you use an an iphone/ipad, so that way you can skip all the problematic items in order to get rid of what you know first so your item pile will get reduced slightly, and then end session.
(You can do a ‘skip button” search in the forum (top right magnifying glass) to find other options.)

Then fail all the rest on purpose, in batches of 10 or 20 (up to you) and do the recent mistakes review lessons. You probably already have some recent mistakes waiting in your dashboard, so maybe redo their lessons again first?

You’re just level three, so it shouldn’t take much time to get backminto your groove this way.
Good luck!

This script will push items to later in the review pile. I don’t remember if they’re pushed all the way to the end, but even if they’re not, you can skip them over and over again.

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I think this is the best “new user” suggestion I’ve ever seen on Wanikani, and I’ve seen a few. I think this is how Anki works, and I think it would make trudging through huge piles of reviews easier. 10/10 please someone fund this.

Thanks, this helps. I was having trouble finding an answer because looking for a skip button on google brought up people who wanted to mark an item as complete, as in skip the learning process. Searching for a delay button brought more results in line with what I was looking for. The video is also good, I’ll have to give that a couple of listens.

For anyone in the future who has the same question, I just found a workaround that doesn’t rely on a scripts if you prefer staying vanilla: If you refresh the review page, it’ll randomise the order again.

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Yes, but it will also throw away any progress on half completed items. This means that items that you already answered wrong once can now suddenly be seen as correct causing the srs level to go up instead of down. This can lead to slower learning progress in the long run if done carelessly, so use with caution.

There were some issues last time I tried and I just stopped using it as it was no longer fully functional with the overhaul of the backside of WK:s backcode. :pensive: That was more than 6 months ago. So, check the script creator and ask about improvements @greywolf330 in the thread that’s linked in @hotdogsuplex post, by answering that particular post linked to in that thread (not here!). :eyes: