Is there any script that reorders reviews so reading and meaning are one after another?

Would really speed up my reviews I think

The normal reorderscript can do that although i hear claims it doesnt work anymore (it works fine for me tho)

Yes, but it might be detrimental to recall later on. There is a philosophy to doing it interleaved like this. You could also do wrap up a bunch, so at least you get them in batches of 10.


One bad side effect of using that script with 1x1 mode (what OP requested), is that if you get a question wrong you’ll be asked again immediately afterward, no exceptions. For me, that was enough to not bother using the script.


I guess that depends on what one hopes to get from WK.
Personally i dont consider it a disadvantage, but to me WK is just a supplement tool that takes a low priority.
And with the script i find my review times reduce slightly without impacting my succesrate much, which seems to be OP’s intention aswell.


I didnt even know that’s what it does, I guess thats my punishment for not reading description, thank you.

And yes, I use WaniKani as a help tool, not ultimate japanese learning app. I can burn an item, but if I won’t see it in context for a long time I will still have to remember it again. But it’s gonna be quicker.

I don’t see how immediately reviewing the item you just got wrong again isn’t a bad thing. Remembering an item 5 seconds after you got it wrong won’t help you retain it.


Remembering an item 5 seconds after you got it wrong won’t help you retain it.

Sure, it comparatively leads to slightly less retention, but really now, thats not such a catastrophe.
On the flipside theres reduction in time spent reviewing that can be used on consuming native material.
Works fine for me, seeing that i rarely have problems recalling wanikani items in my reading.

You can at least set it up so thats what it does. It’s quite easy once you get it running.

Honestly, I don’t think interleaving meaning and reading is that important. Every situation outside of WK will require you to read a kanji’s reading and meaning together, not separately. If you’re reading a text, for example, you won’t be reading the kanji’s meaning and reading separately, you’ll be reading/understanding them together. Personally, I found that having meaning and reading split up in reviews only slowed me down. Once I stopped splitting them up, I realized my speed drastically increased, but my accuracy didn’t suffer at all.

The intention of the interleaving philosophy is that you shouldn’t memorize lists of things in the same order every time, because you’ll memorize the order, not each individual word. However, reviews are randomized anyway, so that’s not an issue. It would only really be an issue if memorizing the reading and meaning back to back would be harmful, but since that’s how you’ll always be reading kanji in the wild, I don’t think it would be.


Especially since every time I do reviews I read the reading out loud and then say the meaning. When doing a lot of reviews I often do it 2 times because i forget which word I already said. Having it back to back is a blessing for me.

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For anyone that is like what the ***...*** is a Reorder Script?

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