Single click Muted; possible, impossible

Rather than clicking on a “Topic”, scrolling to bottom, clicking “Normal”, clicking “Muted”, is it possible to build a single-click for Muted.

Apologies if asked before. :smiley:

It’s not a single click, but on long threads there’s another version of the button under the timeline that may be quicker than scrolling down, if that helps:

Otherwise, Wanikani uses Discourse to power these forums, so you might want to look into feedback channels for Discourse itself, as Wanikani might not have control over that aspect of functionality.


Are you kidding me.

How many times have I seen the bell, never clicked on the bell, never thought what does the bell do.

I will click the bell. :smiley:


There are also keyboard shortcuts



It’s still 3 clicks. Topic → Bell → Muted

Would be cool if we could click once to Mute any Topic anywhere. :smiley:

I see the [m],[m] ability to Mute but I still have to click on a Topic - the Topic I have no interest in reading - to Mute the Topic. Then navigate out of the Topic I didn’t want to read. :smiley:

I’d much rather be able to click once to Mute. Just looking for less time consuming ways to clean up the Latest sidebar … and the main Category listings while I read.

By the way thank you for pointing out the Keyboard Shortcuts as I didn’t even know that existed. :smiley: とても恥ずかしいです。

I don’t know about any faster way if you want to mute single topics only. But in case you want to mute complete categories you can do that in the preference section of your forum account.

  • Preferences > Notifications > Categories
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Thanks for that. I had never looked at those settings. :smiley:

At first I thought this would be what I was looking for as the input allows you to enter Search Text but only brings up known Category types. The problem is I don’t want to Mute a Category, I want to mute Topics.

It’s close though. It would work if you could enter a Search, for example, “Study Log” and you could Mute all Topics with Study Log in the Subject.

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Yeah, I kind of had the feeling but wanted to mentioned it just in case :slight_smile:

To mute per topic you’ll have to do it per topic, I think. And it kind of makes sense to me since the headline of the topic can be more or less anything. But you could ask the discourse people directly if there is a feature that suits your purpose or if there is something like it planned.

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