Similar Spaced Repititon Apps?

Hey! So far I love wanikani and I want to try and use it’s method to learn other basic vocabulary unrelated to what it’s giving me as well. I know about anki and memrise and I use both of them, but I’m wondering if there’s any apps that’ll let me put my own cards for spaced repition, allow learning in both directions, give me notifications, etc. I’ve found the method so useful. Thank you!

Anki. There’s a web version, desktop clients, mobile apps. It’s an all around SRS tool with plenty of already available decks for Japanese.

You can also do your own course on Memrise. I keep 2 text files - one for useful vocab and words I come across and one for words in WK I have trouble remembering. Every now and again I bulk upload these to their respective Memrise courses.

Anki can do a lot more but I found it too tough to get on with and it’s not that slick. Memrise is far more simple and has its weaknesses but for now just about does the job for me.

There’s also iknow, they have core decks and then you can make your own as well. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried all a lot of services, but since hinekidori’s WaniKani template, I’m staying with Anki.

I’ve only found two mobile apps for anki, and the desktop client. One of the apps is $25 and the other doesn’t have notification settings as far as I can find. Am I missing one? Sorry to be a bother.

I think I’m perhaps not using anki correctly or using the correct resources within it. Like I said in my other reply, the apps I’ve found haven’t really suited my needs, but they’ve been good starts. What’s most important to me is the SRS and notifications, because I’ll do my whole stack as soon as the notification hits-- provided it’s not inconvenient-- but otherwise I tend to be a little forgetful.


I really like memrise so far! I’ll have to look into it for doing my own course-- is that a paid only feature? I don’t totally understand their SRS system yet, but I definitely get reminders all the time lol.

I assume you’re on iOS? I only know that there are apps for iOS, not much more, sorry.

I am iOS. Thank you for your help!

I started using Anki with Hinekidori’s Complete 10k deck a few days ago. So far it’s been a really great experience that I would recommend. You won’t get notifications, but you can add as many cards into the mix as you want on a day to day basis. Since there’s no level cap like in WK there’s no real pressure to do the reviews quickly. I just knock mine out 2 or 3 times a day after I do WK.

I see, so I just have to try and get myself to do it daily at least. It still has all the SRS functions though? Also, if you don’t mind me asking-- how are you using anki? Is it the web version, an app, etc?

I prefer doing Anki on my phone while commuting, but the desktop app is great as well.

I’m using an app on a computer. You can download it for free from their website.

I haven’t really looked into mobile options but I’m guess there probably is an anki app for ios.

Anki has SRS. You can even customize the length of the intervals.

I use anki but I don’t like having to choose easy-difficult-hard and I do think it’s important to type in the answers every time. The anki user interface is really…could be improved.

So I ended up writing my own SRS program in C# with visual studio. I spent my free time for about 10 days to write it, and I can have exactly the features I want, such as adding a synonym with 1 button click. I have review interval spacing how I want and I add a random amount of time, about 5% to each to really randomize the items (eg. review item in 7 days +- 12 hours.)

That’s impressive! I’d totally go that route if I knew how.

I really like memrise so far! I’ll have to look into it for doing my own course-- is that a paid only feature? I don’t totally understand their SRS system yet, but I definitely get reminders all the time lol.

It’s a free feature. Hit Courses then Create Course. Enter some details and make it private. Then you can add words manually or paste in a list. You set the headings and what you want testing on. It’s a bit messy but with a bit of fiddling you should get what you want. It’s not as powerful as Anki but the website and app are a bit more polished and it doesn’t need a complex desktop app.

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