Think torii srs but wanikani mnemonics or wanikani but more vocab

So I just discovered Torii srs a few days ago where you learn vocabulary in a way that is a bit more like wanikani and not like boring anki. However, I want a resource that is this but with mnemonics. So basically wanikani but for other non wanikani vocabulary because just rote learning vocabulary is just one of my many Japanese learning weak points. Hope that makes sense and someone has a rec, thanks.

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What about adding context sentences to your Anki cards? I think @Vanilla had a pretty nifty (semi-)automatic setup for pulling vocab from books. I’m using context sentences for grammar patterns and that’s super helpful.

At least to me the limitation of vanilla Anki cards (EN/JP word to JP/EN word) is not that Anki is boring by definition, but that standalone words could mean several things (or nothing) and without proper context I find it difficult to gauge that.


Thanks. Torii srs has context sentences which I appreciate. But my brain needs fun mnemonics to remember the words better i have realized.


Ah, I see! Then please don’t mind my suggestion :slight_smile:

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