Sharing some extensive reading GJ部 - Vol 1 Chap 1 「ネクタイ」Detailed Breakdown

Wasn’t going to post this as it was originally just something I was doing to work on some intensive reading. However, @Cryss thought it would be really helpful to others (and maybe get some interest in these books)…I think there might be a separate agenda hehe…

In any case, I hadn’t read any of this before, nor seen the anime but seemed like it wasn’t too hard to read … each story is about 4 pages long so seemed like a good candidate for doing a detailed breakdown, cure dolly style. So that’s what I did…

Since (by definition) - every sentence must have a subject…so I went looking for it. That was my primary goal in this exercise…(memories of sentence diagramming in grade school)

Been one of the common and significant struggles reading (for me) who’s doing what…this turned out to be in interesting experiment with this first story. The story is only just 4 pages long but I ended up with a very long doc doing detailed breakdowns of each sentence. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes it was super confusing. Had some help from some native speakers with some of it, sometimes some things took forever being lost on something that was grammar I didn’t know, and shortened or compound words sometimes gave me trouble but in the end…the whole story is broken down.

GJ部 Vol 1 - Ch 1 Breakdown - Viewable Google Doc

The highlighting, wasn’t necessarily consistent because hadn’t planned on sharing this… however in general, the highlighting in yellow 3 was intended to identify the ‘missing’ or ‘unstated’ items in the sentence. Of course this really screws up any natural Japanese but that wasn’t the point. Took the basic sentence and added back the missing pieces so that a literal translation could be made and then wrote a more natural translation (sometimes taking liberties). Some things don’t translate well, but again, more wanted a full detailed understanding so…

an example of a piece of it:

Don’t know if anyone will find this useful but sharing anyway. Not looking for corrections or anything like that…I’m sure there are some mistakes as I’m just a learner…just sharing something that might help other readers at/around my level. If people do find it useful, do tell…constructive criticism is also welcome… and I blame @Cryss for any errors … (not really his fault but blaming him anyway).


I’d be happy to have some more people try out these books, they’re pretty friendly to new readers and I know you breaking it down like this should make it easier to get started with!