GJ部 informal book club

I just found this series while looking for something easy to read, and I thought we could make an informal book club out of it. No scheduling, just a thread to talk about the series.

What I like about it is that it has easy languages and short chapters, about 4-5 pages each. That makes it possible for me to read a chapter in one sitting. For me that feels less intimidating than a chapter of 20 pages or more. The setting is slice of life / school so the vocab is not that bad either. All in all I think it’s a good series for those who want to start reading Japanese.

Who has read this series, and who wants to try it now?

Amazon.jp link to the Kindle edition here

Wikipedia article here

level 70 has all kanji. i tried to remove all non-kanjis but might have missed a bunch
in case anyone had doubts about kanji difficulty.

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Very nice! Thank you! Is that for the first book?

It looks like I should be able to read about half of the kanji at level 20, and that feels about right. There are some furigana too, and the rest I can look up on Kindle.

yeah, first book.

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