Light Novel/Manga Sentence Mining Public Project Proposition/Concept

I was thinking of starting a manga or light novel, so I could get sentences for an anki deck, to practice reading, but I prefer having the sentence and translation, along with a meaningful explanation of each part of the sentence, so I understand why the sentence is translated how it is translated, but quite frankly, I don’t have the time to juggle that along with wanikani reviews and lessons, anki reviews, genki studies, and school, so I thought I could make this a community project, which would benefit a larger group of people with the same aspirations, and issues as me.

Essentially, rather than a group reading, I was thinking that I could make a google spreadsheet, or doc, and type every sentence in a manga or lightnovel of choice (going chapter by chapter of course, not to overwhelm) and anybody can go into the document, and translate, or add the reading, or add an explanation. Essentially do whatever you want, without changing the original sentence. This also includes fixing sentences/furigana/explanations that need reworking, or adding to previously made explanations.

Once all the sentences are properly accounted for, I’ll add each one to an anki deck, along with the readings, translations, and explanations, and upload it here so anyone can download it.

If you don’t have the time or confidence to edit the document, you can just download the finished product, and if you want to test your Japanese skills, you can try to translate the sentences.

As for what will be translated, that can be decided later, but suggestions would be nice, I was thinking おやすみプンプン。I just wanted to ask this for feedback. Once enough people subscribe to the post, and agree with the idea, and I’m done creating the actual document, I’ll post it onto this same thread.

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Sounds interesting, but be careful - having an entire novel copied into a public document could be considered plagiarism. Maybe only have parts up at a time? The people involved in managing book clubs and their page images/word lists could probably provide better guidance than me about this.

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Yeah, I wasn’t planning on an entire novel. Either chapters, or if the chapters are ridiculously long, whenever a decent stopping point within a chapter comes up. Although I’m not worried about copyright, rather about how long it will take to get done depending on how many people are willing to contribute.

That reminds me a bit of what the Absolute Beginners book club is doing. They read one page a day, translate the contents and discuss the grammar. (I think all that’s missing is the Anki deck part).

You can check it out here:

You can join in at any time as the chapters are independent of each other.
If you’re not interested in the current book, you can also check out their previous books of course. I just thought it might be more interesting to read the current pick with the group. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is good. My kanji knowledge is lightyears ahead of my grammar knowledge :rofl:

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Have you heard of Satori Reader? Sounds pretty close to what you‘re looking for: