I finished my first Japanese manga today

For about two weeks now I have been reading タコピーの原罪 (Takopii no Genzai). The series looked like it was up my alley so I went ahead and bought the books, it’s only 2 volumes and the 2nd and last volume came out this month so it was perfect timing. It looked like it would be way harder than my level right now, which it was, there is no furigana and there was a good amount of kanji I couldn’t read, that being said, I still was able to follow the story, just some details I had missed that I had to reread later to better understand. So today I had finished the last volume and I loved the characters, had a couple of great plot twists in it, overall, really loved it.

If you’re looking for something to read I would highly recommend this, though as a bit of a warning for the people who need it, some may find a couple things disturbing about the manga as it’s a darker storyline.

Anyway I just wanted to post this as a bit of a celebration as reading some JP material was something I had set out to do just a bit over a year ago and I was actually able to do it now.


Great job!
It’s such a rewarding feeling.


What is your approximate level? Or what level do you think one should be to pick this up?


I started reading it when I was level 20 on WK, if you’re willing to look up kanji it shouldn’t be a big deal, personally I couldn’t be bothered to search things up and I was fine, I do think if you’re a couple levels below that you could still get through it, thought 3 kanji I remember being used in the book is the kanji for fly which is learned in 20 and the kanji for outer space and midair in level 19. Though again those are things you could search up and just get away with being level 18 or something.

So if you don’t want to search up, I’d say around 20


What about your grammar level or the grammar level necessary?

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I haven’t learned any grammar yet, tbh I just have a natural feel for it which all comes from watching anime lmao. Of course it’s not all that good, so I don’t think it should matter too much as long as you have some knowledge.


wow, congrats

finishing a manga even without knowing grammar points is incredible.

I am halfway through N3 on bunpro and I still lack many many things when watching anime with japanese subtitles (進撃の巨人 s01 at the moment).


Whoa, righteous! That is a satisfying feeling. Congrats on seeing it through.

Also, thank you for the recommendation, the series seems intriguing. Lots of feels me thinks based off the synopsis.


Yeah it’s quite tragic for sure


Omedetou @HaseebYousfani san :slight_smile:


おめでとう!I have not yet read a full-length manga in Japanese; it’s one of my big goals. It seems めちゃ難しい to reliably acquire original-language manga without pretty great expense, do you know a way? I live in a majority-non Japanese speaking country, so libraries and such don’t tend to have much Japanese manga.

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To get the physical copies, you’d have to pay a big shipping fee, so it’s usually best to buy multiple things to justify it. For example buying 1 volume of manga could cost you about $28 total, but buying 2 volumes would be like $34.

If you’re not willing to pay that, you could buy JP eBooks from bookwalker

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Usually I buy second-hand from Mandrake Japan (it’s all 2nd hand, so selection is sometimes limited, but you can get most things. Books are always in good shape, even when the rating is that they have damage). If you order from the Sahra location, you can get an estimate on your shipping and just keep adding books until you get to the most that will fit before going up a box size. Typically I order something like 15-17 books at a time, and it comes out at about 250-300 yen worth of shipping per book, along with the actual cost of the book (usually something like 300-700 yen). More expensive than e-books, but way cheaper than purchasing a volume of imported manga from a local store (not to mention the pain of finding a store at all, much less one that carries what I want). I do usually have to pay some amount for customs handling - DHL usually charges me something like $20 to process things - the actual customs amount is something like $3. Last shipment was 17 books (15 manga, 2 LNs) - I paid $110 CAD, including shipping and customs - so something like $6.50 a book.

You can also purchase straight from Amazon Japan - it’s a little more expensive for new books, but still not horrible, and they’ll most likely have everything you want - the trick as far as saving money is always that DHL shipping cost is based on box size, not weight, so you’re trying to fit the maximum number of books into that size of box.

Attack on Titan’s Manga I found really easy from Volumes 1 to 12, but season 3’s materials onward gets really complicated and becomes an exhausting process to read. The anime is kind of the same. I don’t struggle as much with the Final Season Part 2 (Titan Boogaloo), but that’s mostly fighting. Part 1 was BRUTAL.