New user any one here help need my senpai XD

I just noticed that you’ve asked the same questions in the Yokai Appreciation thread. So I’ll copy and paste my answers from there.

“Where do I go? Are we only on Second Life and VR Chat, and how do I join?”

The virtual class I’m part of is using only Second Life. The two links below should explain further how you could join this virtual Japanese class I’m attending.

As stated in the posts, it was already full after the January 2022 registration. However, the number of active participants started to naturally dwindle over time due to a myriad of reasons (time differences, ease of use, slow lesson speed, etc.).

At the moment, each class (Genki 1 and Genki 2) has about 4 active students. So I think a couple more new students who are interested and don’t mind catching up mid-way wouldn’t burden Yoshi Sensei or slow down the rest of the class, IMO.

The latest Genki 1 class homework is 164ページのB、Lesson7のDialogue and Genki 2 is on 126ページのB、127ページのⅢ-A. Sorry, I’m too lazy and just copy and pasted Yoshi Sensei’s notice.

“Do I get homework or a work sheet like in real class to keep track?”

Via Genki textbooks, we do get homework after each class, and we’ll discuss the answers the next weekend. So there are no real worksheets used, unless you choose to use them yourself.

For example, some of my classmates don’t even take physical notes and answer the Genki questions on the fly (they’re the more advanced learners), and only a couple of students took screenshots of their homework to show Yoshi Sensei at a later time on Discord.

“Are these classes or groups online every day as I am in the central midwest of the United States, hoping for custom times?”

Unfortunately, the class times are pretty much set to Yoshi Sensei’s free time, which is once a week, on Saturdays at 9 p.m. JST (Japan Standard Time). I do notice that it’s hard for our American classmates to attend as it’s too early for their time. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop one of them from attending regularly, despite being half-sleepy most of the time during classes.

“Do we have Telegram or Discord groups?”

We do have a Discord group for homework updates and other general discussions, but I could say it’s not that active.

“Also, can I print US printer Japanese note book paper with space to write Japanese as it feels different formats?”

Regarding Japanese note books, I’m not well-versed in that matter, as I just wrote mine in a normal notebook (blasphemy for some people I know, lol).

For example, I haven’t even shown Yoshi Sensei my handwriting yet. I still think my handwriting is ugly, so for now, all the written homework is only for my personal reference.

Most of the homework answers are discussed over voice chat anyway each week, and Yoshi Sensei will do his best to elaborate and explain if learners are faced with any difficulties.

However, maybe some of the threads below could help with the notebook questions:

“Do I need headphones or mic?”

Yes, and I highly recommend you test them ASAP while it’s still on the weekdays now. Our next class should start on May 13.

“I am also a mix of English and Spanish, but my grammar is kind of not lower high school as I mostly use English, but my Spanish voice sounds louder as I watch 90 percent anime, which is enough for me as I also want to play on Japanese game services.”

I can totally relate, as I notice the different volumes and pitches I use when speaking English, Japanese, or Malay (northern dialect). The latter would be the loudest, IMO. :rofl:

I hope the links and my answers above cover most of the questions you’ve asked. Nonetheless, feel free to reach out to me over at Discord if you have any more questions about Second Life and the classes.

My Discord username is distantflower#5773 and we’ll chat more there! :smile: