Is this actually legible?

Hello everyone, it’s been a while! I hope I’m not shunned here for abandoning the crabigator after almost 3 years of dedication, but I didn’t know where else to ask this. And I certainly didn’t want to post it on Reddit where the last samurai would attack me for not knowing all 50,000 kanji and their exact stroke order, unlike them you guys are actually nice!

So I’ve been practicing writing kanji and their stroke order for a while now, and I’ve learnt around 200+. But I just wanted to know, is my writing legible? Can you understand what kanji I’m writing? It’s a fear I have because my handwriting in English is absolutely dreadful and I never got a pen licence because of how bad it was.
Also any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


The only one I would describe as illegible is possibly the bottom one in the fourth column from the right. If it’s supposed to be 生 then I guess it was actually legible, but then the line lengths are a little off.

Also, it looks like your ones with the 雨 top part (such as 雪) have the vertical line going too far up. But it doesn’t impact readability.

All in all, I’ve seen worse from Japanese elementary school kids, if that counts for anything.


Obviously you will still improve but yeah this is legible.

Oh and just that you know:


Leebo pointed out the only one that would have taken me a moment or two to work out if I saw it in isolation ^-^

You’re more legitable than me unless I’m writing really slow, so that makes me much worse than a 小学生 and you very much legible, hehe


Thank you, that makes me feel a little better :sweat_smile:

Yeah, that one is 生 but I probably bailed out on it in the end?? I wrote that one a few days ago, so I’m not sure lol.

This is more legible than the kanji I see in manga when the text is outside of a speech bubble. I think you’re doing good.


It’s easier to read than the average japanese’s handwriting

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